Friday, September 28, 2007

Back to Normal. I think.

So, it's been one of those weeks. My arm is pretty much back to normal, just slightly swollen and bruised around the injection site. Some bug crawled up DH's butt, but apparently has now crawled back out -- after multiple rounds of emailing back and forth, during work hours (I still managed to pretty much clear my desk). Basically DH makes vast assumptions, based on his own paranoid ideas, and decides I mean something so totally off what I do mean, that it's in another universe. I won't bore you with the details (if you want them ask and I'll 'talk' your ears off). Of course, we didn't get this resolved until my neck and back were in such knots that I spent the first hour home this evening 'snuggling' with a bag of frozen peas. Really wishing I'd made it to my massage on Tuesday. DH even asked me to go out with him tonight instead of tomorrow, our usual date night. Begged off -- we'll see how my back is tomorrow.

Now for something spanking related:

While DH and I were on vacation earlier this year, one of the stops was Dubrovnik, Croatia. Part of the excursion was a tour of the Rector's Palace - Museum of Dubrovnik. It was mainly antique furniture and artwork. In one of the rooms was a beautiful cabinet, black base with paintings all over it, made in the late 17th century. That's a picture of it from the museum website . We didn't take any pictures ourselves -- I don't think it was allowed. Anyway, on the far right lower panel there is a picture of a seated woman viewed from the back, and she has an obviously rosy bottom. I noticed but didn't say anything. DH noticed, leaned into me and whispered, "somebody's been spanked." I tried to zoom in, but it's not very good, sorry.

So, women with rosy backsides are nothing new.

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