Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Love Our Lurkers Day 2008

Hey, there, all my lurkers... it's that day of the year when I expressly post just to say "Thank You" for continuing to stop by, and by doing so, giving me a reason to keep writing. I know posts have been few and far between lately, and certainly light on sex and spankings when I do manage to get something up. And because of this, I am especially grateful that you do keep checking this blog and leaving the occasional comment.

Please, I beg, take the time today to leave me a comment or send me an email -- let me know you've been by, tell me what you like about my blog, give suggestions, ask questions. I promise I will respond (I have 4 days of vacation coming up that involve hours in planes and in airports -- lots of time to write).

Don't forget to stop by My Bottom Smarts and leave a note for Bonnie -- she's the one who coordinates this every year. I plan to pay MBS a visit and leave a comment :)


Bonnie said...

Hi Robin!

I'm not exactly a lurker, but I did want to stop by to wish you well!


Anonymous said...

Just a note to say thanks. I am a genuine "lurker". Please continue. I really enjoy your musings.

Spanky said...

Hi Robin! Spanky here! I'm not sure if I've commented here before or not. I'm a regular reader and a follower too, and I love your blog!

Radha said...

Happy LOL day, Robin! Hope you have a great vacation!

mthc said...

I'm a lurker too but i stop by quite often.

A.S.S. said...

Have read for a while... and enjoyed. Just wish there were more posts, but totally know how that goes sometimes.

Todd & Suzy

Eliane said...

Hi Robin, thought I'd stop by and say "hi"!

grace said...

Hi Robin,

Just stopped by to say Hi!


john said...

Hi Robin. Hope things are going well between you and DH. Just between the two of us, never thought of taking a lover in the past when marriage seemed to be doomed ?

Greenwoman said...

Hello Robin. Blessings!!

Dr. Ken said...

Hi, Robin!
All red-bottomed girls deserve some blog love, so a Happy LOL day to you! I definitely need to stop by here and read more often!
Take care!

Dr. Ken,
Spanking Minnesota

Hermione said...

Hi Robin,

I visit your blog regularly. Keep up the great work.


Anonymous said...

I'm making my rounds on this most awesome day!!


Serpent's Embrace said...


Great blog! I enjoy reading here!!!


oldblueeyes said...

I lurk therefore I am. But seriously, I enjoy whatever you post. Thanks for sharing!

Janice said...

Dear Robin,

Nice to find your blog and thank you for stopping by mine. I am not your typical lurker but I may just be one...smiles.



sara said...

Robin, Happy Belated LOL day!

Robin said...

Thank you all. (part 1)

Bonnie -- first one to comment. And as always immensely appreciated. Thank you.

Anonymous -- thank you for reading and delurking, if only for this one day.

Spanky -- thank you so much for your kind words. And now I've added you to my blog reader. Maybe I'll comment there... someday ;)

Radha -- thank you for stopping by (and so far the vacation is good, if a wee bit exhausting).

mthc -- thank you for stopping by and commenting, I really do appreciate it.

Todd & Suzy -- makes me feel good knowing you read & enjoy. I wish I posted more often, too...

Eliane -- thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment.

Grace -- hi right back at you, and thank you.

to be cont.

Robin said...

Thank you all. (part 2)

John -- I'm laughing - 'just between us' really doesn't apply when these are public comments :)
And too much to say in the comments here, so I'll fully respond in a post, soon.
Thank you for commenting, I always enjoy when you do.

Greenwoman -- Hi, and thank you.

Dr. Ken -- Thank you for commenting and you are welcome to visit anytime.

Hermione -- Thank you for reading, and leaving me a comment.

Eva -- Thank you for stopping by.

Marcus -- Oh, thank you so much for the kind comment.

Old blue eyes -- Thank you for delurking and leaving a comment.

Janice -- Thank you for visiting and commenting.

Sara -- Thank you for commenting. And I'm glad to see I wasn't the only running a little late for LOL Day :)

Mina said...

Hello Robin, after popping over here I realise I have lurked here in the past, so a big hello to you.


Robin said...

Hi Mina,
Thank you for delurking.