Monday, September 13, 2010

What We Did on Our Summer Vacation - Days 5 & 6

First, let me say thank you to those who've commented & emailed. I still haven't managed to get my laptop fixed or replaced, and replying to comments with my phone is somewhat difficult.

Now, on to the vacation...

*Please note - if you were hoping there'd be more stories of sex & spankings, I'm sorry to disappoint, but Day 4 was it. Read on to find out why.*

Day 5 -- The day started off roughly as we were awakened at 3:15 a.m. by the Captain announcing a missing passenger. A few minutes later, another message that all was well.

We woke up for real about 7:45. DH and I wished each other Happy Anniversary (17 years). Then went up with the kids to watch our arrival into Cabo San Lucas before breakfast. Sitting was uncomfortable

After breakfast, we took a tender to shore. Someone was feeding fish by the docks - we saw lots of different types of fish, including "Gil" from "Finding Nemo."

For $10 each we got an hour long boat ride from the marina, out around Land's End, into the Pacific and back, stopping to look at wildlife (sea lions, pelicans, other birds, fish, sting rays) and landscape (arches, caves, beaches) and people enjoying the area (snorkelers, kayakers, parasailers, jet skiers). We then took a water taxi to beaches across the harbor where we had lunch and the kids played.

Once back on the ship, DH arranged for son to have a phone call with his girlfriend; girls and I headed to pools; and DH napped.

Shortly after the ship left Cabo, already later than scheduled, I heard an announcement: "Alpha alpha alpha sportsdeck." It was repeated 3-4 times, very calmly. It was obvious that something major had happened on the sportsdeck. About 15 minutes later the Captain announced that a passenger had broken her foot 'quite badly' and we would be returning to Cabo as she needed hospital care. Once she was off the ship, we continued on to Mazatlan.

I went back to our cabin to get out of my swimsuit and shower before dinner. DH was on the bed watching sports. I offered him a blowjob, but he wasn't interested. Also asked if he was coming to dinner, but he had other plans. So I changed, lotioning my sunburned areas, and he left to watch sports, drink and smoke.

It was now dinnertime, on our anniversary, and no sign of DH; I went to find the kids so I wouldn't have to eat alone. Found the girls sitting with their feet in a hot tub. No sign of the boy. Had dinner and dessert with the girls. While I was enjoying a cup of tea, the boy came in and I sat with him while he ate. We just sat for a while talking about all sorts of things while the restaurant closed around us.

On the way back to our cabin, I met up with DH and we went together to our room. Let's be clear that all free dining was now closed, and I think all the paid dining as well, so there was no possibility of an anniversary dinner. I laid down for a bit as my stomach was suddenly upset. But DH was keen on going out drinking, with or without me, so he left me lying there sick in bed and out he went. Eventually, I fell asleep.

Day 6 -- I was awakened out of a deep sleep at 2:30 a.m. by DH. He wanted to know if I wanted to come join him and his new friends in the hot tubs. I was so angry. He was obviously drunk and didn't care what I was feeling. I kept telling him no, he kept pushing; finally we hung up. I couldn't get back to sleep and was still awake sometime later when he came to the room. He turned on lights, left the bathroom door open so I could hear everything that happened in there. Then he crawled into bed, reeking of alcohol, and began to snore. I finally fell back into a restless sleep.

I was lying in bed, awake, well before 8 a.m. when the Captain announced our arrival in Mazatlan. I got up about 8:30, trying not to disturb DH, thinking I'd just go get breakfast by myself. Only he decided to get up to. I really was not in the mood.

Called the kids and told them to get ready. Youngest came over to our cabin and we were all out on the balcony. We didn't hear the older two knock at our door. They thought we left without them so headed to the restaurant on their own. DH said "Let's go" so youngest and I left, thinking he was right behind us. He wasn't.

We got to the cafe and found the other two holding a table. DH stormed in, glaring at us and sat elsewhere. I sat there while the kids got food; I was no longer hungry. DH left without a word or look. I burst into tears.

While the kids went to their cabin, I went to get a coffee and find info on Mazatlan. When I returned to our cabin, DH was just lying on the bed watching TV. I changed and went to the kids room. It was pretty clear we weren't going ashore.

Kids and I hung out by pools until lunch time. No sign of DH anywhere.

After lunch, the kids went off on their own and I headed back to the cabin. I wanted to nap, but DH was there, sleeping, on my side of the bed. I ended up on the couch, watching TV 'til I fell asleep.

I was already awake when the Captain's announcement that we were leaving Mazatlan woke DH up. With a sarcastic 'what a great day' he went out on the balcony, closing the curtains behind him. I got up, dressed, did hair and makeup; he still hadn't come back in. I went up to watch the departure and maybe see the sunset.

Had dinner with the kids again. Then went to the adult area and enjoyed the hot tub, chatting with the others there. DH walked by, and even though I tried to talk to him, he barely acknowledged me.

Around 11, discovered that the youngest wasn't feeling well. Feverish, sore throat, ear pain. I took her to the midnight buffet to try to get her to eat a little, then to my cabin where we snuggled before I tucked her into bed about 12:45.

I noticed son wasn't in the cabin and as ship-imposed curfew was 1, I went to find him. He was at the buffet. He'd had some food, done some dancing, until
His dad found him and decided to unload on him how awful and ungrateful we all are and how he (DH) never does anything wrong. Son wasn't ready to go to bed, so we went to the Promenade and just sat for a while, not really talking, until he was ready to head to head to his cabin.

I then climbed into my own empty bed.

~~ just a few more days to go