Sunday, September 23, 2007

Spanking Fanatic? Moi?

I emailed DH the picture from my previous post, with a warning in the subject line to open it in private (on his way back from Mexico, he stopped at his sister's). Once he opened it, he fired off three emails in quick succession: #1 Spanking fanatic; #2 I have a surprise for you when I get home; #3 Did you make this or download it from some website? I answered all three in one email: #1 So are you; #2 Oooh, I love surprises; #3 I made it. His response: "I am a butt fanatic butt not that much spanking fanatic. I do like to spanking to the limit." (I've kept his spelling, etc.)

Personally, I think he's in denial, as the surprise was a vinyl strap he made while in Mexico to use on me. Obviously, he gets spanking on the brain, too. Remember, he's also the man who has suggested using a frying pan, and likes to swat my butt in public. Sounds like a spanko to me. And, because of the picture I made, he's been referring to me as "red bottom," pretty ironic considering that he has no knowledge of this blog (at least I don't think so).

DH got home Friday evening, and all weekend has been a welcome home celebration: he went out Friday night, but unintentionally woke me up when he came home, and decided that since I was awake he'd take advantage of the situation; then Saturday morning when we woke up, we had fun again; Saturday night was date night, and true to form, I was soundly spanked and then pleasured front and back (DH counted and figured I had about 4 orgasms -- 2 each); then this morning was a quickie. I knew last night was a good spanking when I rolled onto a sore butt this morning. I just wish DH didn't feel the need to spank full force, but when I try to convince him to vary the force, he goes all dom on me and reminds me that he determines when, what, where, and how my spankings go. He's home for the next two weeks, so who knows.

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