Monday, July 28, 2008

Tonight, Tonight...

I'm writing this while I finish up with dinner (I know you're not supposed to work on other things while eating, but my time is such a premium right now, I have to multi-task).

Anyway, next up is a shower and maybe some work (I did bring my work computer home). But a shower is a must.

Why, you ask. Because DH is heading to Mexico tomorrow and won't be back to Friday, just in time for me to have to work all weekend on the big work project. He called me at work, asking if my period was over because he's leaving and wants to make sure there's spanking and sex before he leaves -- you know, to tide us over. He also suggested that to help me get in the mood, I turn my cell phone to vibrate then put it in my panties so every time he'd call I'd get a treat. Yeah, right -- cell phone's a little too bulky for that :)

So, this is just a quick post. Hopefully I will have something more exciting to write about later -- you know, when I have more time.

Thursday, July 24, 2008


Don't know if you read Journey to the Darkside by padme and Master Anakin, but they can use all the loving, supportive, and understanding thoughts you can send their way.

Padme had shared recently that she was pregnant. Sadly, today she suffered a miscarriage. Both are in a lot of pain and will be taking a break from blogging until they are up to it again.

I had recently joined Twitter, after seeing it on their blog, and had been 'following' padme. With all the work-related craziness, it was the closest I was getting to reading any blogs, let along posting to mine. So when I saw today that she was feeling bad enough to head to the emergency room, I worried... First thing I did when I got a chance to log on tonight was to check their blog for any updates... my heartaches for them. I can't imagine what they are going through...

I had other, light hearted things to post today, but this is more important.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

A Spanking... Finally

I got a spanking! *happy singsong* And incredible scream-inducing sex...

Desperately in need of a good spanking, and waiting fruitlessly for DH to just take control, I decided I needed to plant the idea...

So, Tuesday while at work I sent DH a little email message, with 'Is it a date?' as the subject:

I've heard that a good sound spanking followed by some wild monkey sex can do wonders for relieving stress... *wink*

What do you say? Maybe some night this week? I've got a huge load of stress that needs relieving... *big grin*

DH: Any time just let me know you know the trick.

Me: So... If I come home, shower and set out some toys, you'll get the message?

And I mean a 'real' spanking, where I'm not doing anything else (you know what I mean *raised eyebrows*) but getting a hot red butt... You know I'll pleasure you anyway you want after...

Last night I came home and about 9 I hopped into the shower. It's been horribly hot and humid lately and I've been spending a lot of time out on the warehouse floor -- which is not air conditioned. Nasty, sweaty, humid, hot. Yeccchhh.

Anyway, while showering, DH came in and asked if this was the night. I kinda pushed it back at him, seeing as how he's the one expending the most energy... We decided it was the night. I finished showering and while DH showered I got ready -- black see-through nightie, black lace panties, and black stilettos (every time I wear them it gets easier to walk). I got out the new black leather paddle, the crop and the red rubber flogger; the massage oil and the flavored edible oil. By the time he came out, I was reclining on the bed -- trying to look enticing.

Must have worked *big grin*

DH got on the bed and pulled me close for snuggling, caressing and kissing. I was curled up with my head on his shoulder and he could just barely reach my bottom, but still he managed to get some good spanks in. We talked a little about what I wanted the spanking to be like -- I know I've mentioned before how heavy-handed DH can be, and that was not what I wanted for stress relief. He tried to pull his 'I'm in charge here' stuff with me, but I managed to get him to listen.

After awhile, I turned around so my head was down by his knees, putting my backside more in reach. I wanted to keep all of this relaxed and comfortable. I used sounds and words to let DH know the spanks that felt just right and those which were too much. Also made suggestions about his technique -- to us medium strength, quicker spanks instead of the hard, spaced apart ones he usually does. Most of this was with his hands -- my favorite implement :D I didn't completely ignore him, either.

Eventually, DH decided he wanted me standing, bent over the edge of the bed. I slid off my side, then minced around to the other side, hips swaying (gotta love how stilettos force you to walk sexy). Now he started to use the paddle and the crop more, eventually sliding my panties off. He only used the flogger a little bit, basically to caress my body, not flog it. Felt lovely. I had no concept of passing time... I could feel my bottom heating up and getting tender. DH would stop to rub and squeeze with his hands, causing other areas to heat up too. He also slid off his pajama bottoms so he could rub himself against my heated bottom, oiling me, too.

Then he had me get back on the bed, lying on my back. After rubbing me with KY Intrigue (and I coated him), he went down on me... working me with lips and tongue, fingers thrusting inside. So lost in how good it felt... Squeezing and stroking him... He stroked my g-spot, over and over, while licking my clit, until I came, squirting, feeling my juices on his hand and arm, on my thighs as he continued to stroke me. He slowed, then sat up and turned to me -- his face was so wet.

But he wasn't done with me yet. He tucked his left arm under my shoulders, bringing his hand to my breast. And with his right hand, he continued to rub my clit, until I came again, moaning.

Finally, the tremors eased, my breathing slowed, and he had me bending over the bed again -- the red and the heat had faded. Some more spanking, then I was on my knees in front of him, using the edible oil, licking and sucking, trying to give him pleasure like he'd given me...

Up on the bed, all fours, pillow clutched in my arms, ready for smothering my cries. He slid in -- I was so wet there was no resistance... I came again, more than once... he spanked me still, with his hands, as he thrust... Then I felt the oil, pouring out of the bottle to coat my bottom again, slipping down the crack, his hands rubbing it onto my cheeks and into my crack and opening, pausing to coat his cock... The stretching as he entered, slowly, taking his time so I would feel more pleasure than pain (he's good at reading me), until he could feel me relax... thrusting, bringing me to screaming orgasm (I almost forgot to use the pillow to muffle my cries)... and again... until he came, thrusting as deep into me as possible... I collapsed on the bed...

Once I returned to awareness, I looked at the clock. We were deeply involved with one another for over an hour. Wow.

Then I got up, slipped off the stilettos, slipped on the moisturizing socks, and slipped of the lingerie and climbed in the bed.

And had the best sleep I'd had in days!! Without pain relievers or sleeping aids. Woke up this morning, sat up, and felt a lovely reminder of last night's fun. Checking in the mirror, no marks -- but sometimes they take a few days to show up (sometimes I forget and then I catch a glimpse and it's like 'OMG, where the hell did that come from?!'). And I have felt relaxed and energized and wonderful all day. Even while out in the over 80 degree warehouse for multiple hours...

Wonder how long this will last...

Saturday, July 12, 2008


Somewhat logically following on my post about desperately needing a spanking...

Last night I dreamt of being spanked by DH. It was not a clear dream, but I "remember" getting into position (all 4s) on the bed and hearing him slide his belt out his pants and wondering if that was really what he was going to use...

And then I woke up. It stormed at 5am here and the noise of it pushed me out of sleep. Darn it.

Not the first time I've had a spanking dream, just the second -- that I remember.

First time was about a month ago, the last time DH was on a business trip. That dream falls into the category of lucid dreaming. It was crystal clear, everything exactly as in real life. I was in my robe, so desperate for a spanking that I was going to self-spank. I was digging through DH's bedside table, looking for an implement, when MC came into my room. I hurriedly shut the drawer and hid the bath brush behind my back (ironic that I would choose the bath brush in my dream when I really dislike it -- but it does have a long handle, ideal for self-spanking). While backing into the bath room, I tried to get MC to leave so I could get to it... And it stops there.
I think it's like when you're really craving a certain food and there's none around... it becomes the one thing you absolutely can't stop thinking about, and the needing and the wanting becomes all consuming...
Well, I've got to get going and pick up DH from the airport. Will we have any fun tonight? No idea...

Thursday, July 10, 2008

I Need....

A Spanking!!!!

Seriously. I've been so out of it this week and have not at all been a 'good' girl. Too bad DH's not more willing to try a little spanking discipline...

He's gone this week and not checking up on me so I haven't been exercising, haven't been making wise food choices, and have been staying up waaaaaaay too late.

I've got a good list of excuses... Wanna hear?

  • DH isn't here to keep me company, so I get lost in the TV, computer, or reading
  • Work is too, too stressful right now and how do I react to stress -- overeating, turning couch potato, and undersleeping
  • OC is off on her French adventure, so she's not here to help out with things -- so more for me to do after an extra-long stressful day of work
  • Money is tight
  • Nothing is working as a motivator right now
  • Work, work, work -- VP keeps giving me more and more to do with the system change, yet I still have all my regular responsibilities...
  • I'm not a morning person so getting up early enough to exercise before work doesn't work for me, but then I'm tired after work, plus there's chores to do, kids to feed...

Oh, alright, so they're pretty lame excuses.

DH just doesn't get it. When I dropped him off at the airport Monday, he told me I should pick up a salad on the way to work to eat for lunch. So what did I do -- bought and ate a salad for lunch. He gave me a specific instruction and I followed it.

Tried to suggest that he could find ways to reward me for exercising and dieting... Him: "Why is everything about sex with you?" aaaaaagggggghhhhh! Yes, sexual rewards would be nice, and serious discipline spankings could help, but not everything has to be sexual. Sheeeeesh. You'd think that's all I think about Rolling Eyes (ok, it's often on my mind, but really...). Doesn't help that he's a classic 'saboteur' when it comes to me trying to improve my health.

What we need is some time alone, when we're not worn out and stressed by work, etc. to really talk - well, me to talk and try to explain what I need so he'll understand and be able to provide. Should it ever happen, I'll let you know.

One more day of work this week and then it's the weekend. I am not bringing work home, I am not bringing work home (maybe if I repeat this enough...)

I'll try to get some posts up next week, but the last 2 weeks of this month and the first 2 of August are going to be crazy at work as we finally go through the system change. I'll be on the computer non-stop at work, so probably will be too burnt out by the time I get home to even read blogs, let alone add to mine. Please send good thoughts to help me survive.

Monday, July 7, 2008


DH is off to Mexico this week, the guests are on their way back to France, and OC is on her way to France with them. Yep, I'm sending my baby off to France for 2 weeks. I'm praying for her safety and am sure she'll have a good time. The family she's staying with lives northwest of Paris, but they'll be spending about a week in the south of France (on the Med) with maybe a day in Spain. They've got lots of fun activities planned for her.

It's just the 3 of us 'til Saturday -- me, MC, and YC. Big, empty house. Big, empty bed. *sigh*

Hope everyone had a great weekend. I was exhausted, but since it was a holiday weekend, with company, no lazing about allowed. Off to the festival we all went. DH, YC and I defended our space while the older kids scattered. We ate, sat in the sun, listened to music (can't tell you who 'cuz if you search them you'd find out where I live *grin*). The crowd swelled to over 40,000. It was packed. The weather was perfect -- warm with a slight breeze, not a cloud in the sky.

And, finally, fireworks. I love fireworks! They did a pretty good job with the accompanying music (except for some screaming thing by AC/DC). Even included the theme from Indiana Jones -- the crowd liked that. At one point there was a pause. People thought the show was over. This voice booms out, "Over? Did you say 'over'? It's not over 'til I say it's over!" And then the finale. Loved the comment -- it got a great laugh.

Fireworks on the 4th of July always make me think of John Adams. He'd written a letter to his wife on July 3rd 1776, the day after the Continental Congress resolved on 2 July 1776 "That these United Colonies are, and of right, ought to be, Free and Independent States." (Explains why he states July 2nd should be celebrated instead of the 4th, which is when the final version of the Declaration was approved and signed). Here's part of the letter (the important part *grin*):

...The Second Day of July 1776, will be the most memorable Epocha, in the History of America.— I am apt to believe that it will be celebrated, by succeeding Generations, as the great anniversary Festival. It ought to be commemorated, as the Day of Deliverance by solemn Acts of Devotion to God Almighty. It ought to be solemnized with Pomp and Parade, with Shews, Games, Sports, Guns, Bells, Bonfires and Illuminations from one End of this Continent to the other from this Time forward forever more.

You will think me transported with Enthusiasm but I am not.—I am well aware of the Toil and Blood and Treasure, that it will cost Us to maintain this Declaration, and support and defend these States.—Yet through all the Gloom I can see the Rays of ravishing Light and Glory. I can see that the End is more than worth all the Means. And that Posterity will tryumph in that Days Transaction, even altho We should rue it, which I trust in God We shall not.

And celebrate we do with all of the above -- with great enthusiasm.

DH and I are maybe back on track... 3 times in less than 48 hours (you know what I mean *wink*). Not bad for us old folks *grin*. Of course, none of those 3 times included much in the way of spanking (although I got to enjoy some very nice oral last night *big grin*). Gotta get DH out of his rut of only spanking me while I'm pleasuring him orally -- neither of us can really focus on the spanking in that position...

I did get a bit of a spanking after my shower last night. I'm so very fair that I don't dare go out in the sun without a heavy coating of the highest SPF I can find. But I really don't want to be so pale I glow in the dark so I've been trying a sunless tanning lotion. Only problem is I can't reach my upper and middle back -- at least not well enough to evenly spread lotion. So I asked DH to help me out *rolling eyes*. Uh huh. Helped he did -- helped himself to my butt! I was still damp from the shower and the lotion I'd already applied, plus I'd already given him the lotion he was supposed to apply to my BACK, so it was a stingy hand spanking. SPANK, rub, SPANK, rub... This repeated 'til my backside was a nice bright pink all over (and the lotion well rubbed in). He had me kicking up my feet and squealing *grin*. When he was satisfied with the spanking, he finally applied the lotion to my back.

Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy 4th!!

Hope all my American spanko friends have a fantastic 4th of July -- with plenty of Stars and Stripes (seeing and receiving, respectively).

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

My Tattoo

Well, I still don't have any really good pictures. DH finally agreed to take a picture, but only with his iPhone...

So here are the best I have, plus the design I drew that it was based on.

This was not a spur of the moment decision -- nor a mid-life crisis one (I prefer to think of it as an acceptance and awakening of who I am). I'd thought about getting a tattoo many years ago (college) but never did (multiple reasons) and off and on over the years, but once married and with kids I wasn't sure what DH would think. Then, surprise, he brought it up. He'd always wanted a tattoo but had never gotten one (in his case, it goes along with the sportscar and motorcycle -- mid-life crisis, oh yeah). So, he just went off one day and came home with an eagle head on his right arm at the shoulder. I started looking for a design I liked, and found a lot -- it can be hard to choose just one.
Finally decided a buttefly would be best -- feminine, delicate but strong, representative of change, beauty... Looked at hundreds of designs until I found one somewhat like what I wanted -- a side view, facing right, not too life-like. Only it still wasn't exactly right, so I hand drew my own design taking the picture I'd found as a guide. I rounded out some angles, added some more curves, changed the colors (green, blue, pink -- if you can't tell from the pics). I tried about 4 different color combinations before I found the one I used. I even visited different tattoo parlors to check things out. Not spur of the moment at all.
DH went to the artist who'd done his and made an appointment for the following Saturday -- the day before our 15th anniversary. He got another tattoo, on his left arm at the shoulder -- the Chinese character for eagle. He went first, while I sat and tried to relax, reading.
Then it was my turn. I really didn't know what to expect. Some pain, obviously, but beyond that, not a clue. I pulled the back of my t-shirt over my head, keeping my front covered and pulled down the bra strap. The artist and I discussed colors and placement -- asking DH's opinion in the process (not a lot of help).
And she began.
At first, I felt quite a bit of pain, but it quickly changed to just a slight pressure with burning in the spot she was working on. And my whole body felt warm. Wasn't expecting that. I didn't find it difficult at all to hold still or to stay in position. I think it took about half an hour to be completed -- I wasn't really aware of time and didn't keep track of it. I was bandaged and off we went.
I had no problems during healing at all -- no bleeding, no scabbing, no itching, very little pain and only when accidently scrubbed in the shower.
I think it turned out great and I still like catching glimpses of it in the mirror when I'm dressing and undressing. DH is not used to it -- he told me he feels like he's having sex with some other woman when he looks at my back and sees it there (thinking this may play into the recent dry spell...).

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Back to our trip... Athens, Greece

We had decided when planning the trip that Shore Excursions were going to be way too expensive for the whole family so we would just make our own way around at the stops. After exiting the ship, we found a taxi and a driver who would spend 3 hours taking us around to major sites: the Temple of Zeus, Hadrian’s Gate, Olympic Stadium, Acropolis, Presidential Palace. The weather was perfect again – clear blue skies, not too hot.

First stop was the Temple of Zeus, just past Hadrian’s Gate. The few remaining columns were impressive – can’t even begin to imagine what it would have been like when it wasn’t a ruin. From the Temple we could clearly see the Acropolis. Somehow I had never realized it was up on a mount…

But before heading up to the Acropolis, we stopped at the stadium that was the site of the first modern Olympic Games. Compared to the stadiums we’re used to seeing, it was so small. When you think that the games are still going strong after a century… pretty darn awe inspiring.

On to the Acropolis –

Wow. So stunning. Mind-boggling to realize that all this was built without electricity, computers, the machines we have today. It’s all up on a rocky hill – it was hot the day we were there, and to think about hauling all those large stones up the hill and then building with them… Even YC understood how hard it must have been.

And the modern-day upkeep… Apparently, all the buildings have been completely disassembled and are now being reassembled to correct errors of past restoration attempts. There are piles of stones everywhere, pieces of buildings and statuary – they are trying to match the stones up with the buildings so the restoration will be as accurate as possible.

The view from the Acropolis – I think we could see all of Athens, a huge sprawl in all directions. Of course we could see Hadrian’s Gate and the Temple of Zeus, but we could also see the Olympic Stadium, the Agora, the Forum, the Tower of the Winds… So many things to see, too little time.

After the Acropolis, we watched the changing of the guard at the Presidential Palace – a very ritualized process.

And then it was back to the ship. Hiring the driver was truly the best way to see Athens in the short time we had.

Have to share this – While we were all crammed into the car, YC, whose mind processes are usually easy to follow, asked, out of the blue, “Do ants have brains?” We all just looked her. No idea where that came from… And if you asked her what was the best thing she saw, she’d answer that it was the dogs everywhere.

Once back on the ship, we headed up to play miniature golf before dinner. We all took one round (DH won and gloated), then headed to the Solarium for snacks since dinner wasn’t ‘til 9pm. YC wanted to hang out in the kids’ area – it was Pirate Night (I have some cute pics of her as a pirate princess). OC and MC took off to play games. They were finally acclimated to the ship and enjoying their freedom. DH and I headed to the cabin to relax for a while.

YC wanted to stay in the kids area ‘til it closed, so the rest of us headed to the fancy dining room for dinner. It wasn’t formal night, so no dressing up was required. Our table partners were a couple from Sweden, a couple from New Orleans, and sisters from South Africa. At 10, DH went to get YC. At first she didn’t want to eat anything, but the wait staff treated her like a little princess and had her trying all sorts of things. All 3 kids liked being waited upon so we ate in the dining room a few more times while on the trip.

DH and I decided to skip the lounge and drinks after dinner and went back to our cabin for some ‘play’ time, after making sure the kids were settled in for the night. DH got out the Shunga kit and the new paddle. It’s leather with “fur” on one side. I got lots of nice attention, with DH going down on me and working me over good with tongue and lips and fingers. And of course, he didn’t stop ‘til I came. Then DH had me assume his new favorite BJ + spanking position – on my belly, face off the edge of the bed. He gets two pleasures at once. For me, it’s okay, but it makes it hard for me to completely enjoy either act, plus I’m always worried I might hurt him involuntarily when I react to a hard spank.

Anyway, you know how this works for us by now – When he’s had enough oral attention, he likes to oil up my backside and rub against me ‘til he slides right in. Of course, I’m all hot and wet and slick from the earlier orgasm, the spanking, my own juices and the oil – I’m more than ready to feel his cock filling my pussy, stretching, pounding, thrusting; feeling him against my g-spot, my labia, and his balls hitting my clit. Really, with that kinda stimulation going on, how can I not come explosively?

After we were done, while I laid exhausted facedown on the bed, DH took pictures of me with his iPhone. But he never sends them to me and doesn’t keep them long. He doesn’t send them to me because he doesn’t want there to be any possibility that I might post them somewhere (uh, here); he doesn’t keep them long on his phone because so many people (co-workers, friends, our kids) like to look at the phone and he’s afraid someone might see them. I don’t even think he sends them to himself to keep on his laptop… If he does, I don’t know about it, nor do I have access to look…

Oh, and I had a very, very red bottom, from top to bottom and around the sides – he wielded that paddle most impressively.

All that activity made us hungry. Even though it was 1 a.m., there was still food in the Solarium, so off we went for a small snack before hitting the bed for sleep.

Yep, Athens, Greece – what a great day.