Monday, May 18, 2009

DH in trouble cont.

So it's now Saturday night, and I'm just exhausted. Along with the early morning activity, I'd also had insomnia the night before, and been battling a cold/sinus problem for the previous week -- all leaving me just wiped. DH had napped during the afternoon/early evening, so he was refreshed and watching sports.

I thought the perfect thing before bed would be a relaxing bath. And since we'd just gotten the second water heater fixed, I could be fairly certain it would be a nice hot one. So about 11pm I climbed into my nice hot tub, dropped in a Lush Tisty Tosty and a bit of French Kiss bubble bar, put in my earphones, opened my book and relaxed. The rose, lavender and vanilla from the Lush bath goodies were perfect for relaxing. I also kept the iPod on a milder playlist ~~ I so desperately needed relaxation.

I will say I was surprised that DH didn't come in and join me, as he usually does, but it was okay that he didn't.

I stayed in for the better part of an hour, then clambered out, dried off, slipped into my robe and headed into the bedroom. I was so tired, I really didn't even completely dry myself off, nor apply any lotion, or even put any clothing on. When DH commented on my lack of apparel, my honest answer was it was just too much work to put anything on.

Even though DH was involved with watching the game, it didn't take him long to let me know he had other things on his mind. We watched the end of the game (yeah our team!) then switched to SNL (recorded) while snuggling. DH threw the covers off me and announced that he thought he'd like to go down on me. Like I was going to object to that :P. And down he went. Can I just say that DH has gotten much better at this over the years. I don't easy orgasm from oral, but with the right combination of lips, tongue and movement of inserted fingers, oh yeah.

Then it was my turn to reciprocate, lavishing oral attention on him. Until he can't take it anymore and orders me up on the bed. And you all know what happens then ~~ S-E-X. Sweaty, pounding, multi-orgasmic (for me, anyway) sex.

And as I lay there in the afterglow, sometime after 1am, DH turned to me and said, "Happy Mother's Day". With a big grin on his face.


Sunday dawned and while DH himself couldn't sleep and was up at 6am, he let me sleep in. Which I did, 'til about 9am, watched TV for awhile, then couldn't take it anymore, got up and got dressed. Even with it being Mother's Day, I still had laundry to do, and I wanted to get it done and over with.

As I was working on things, the kids came filing in with a card. I hugged them all, even MC who attempted to avoid me.

DH came up soon after, looking for some more "action". No way I could turn him down. (Let's see, Friday morning, Sat. night/Sun. morning, and Sun. afternoon ~~ goodness.)

YC made the cutest gift for me. It was made to look like a Time magazine, with Mother of the Year on the front (she even drew me with my blue FitFlops on). Inside, the kids were given prompts and then they filled in the rest. I just have to share. Her comments are in italics.

  • My favorite thing to do with Mom is... snuggle with her at night [this is a must every night before bed] ~~ decorated with a hand held bouquet and the caption "I picked flowers for you"
  • My mom doesn't even get mad when I... don't clean my room. [only because I get too tired just looking it at]
  • I like it when Mom... hugs me. Decorated with a wrapped packaged tagged To Mom, From YC
  • Ihave the most fun with Mom when... we play a game on the computer [we like picture searches and puzzles]
  • My favorite food that Mom cooks is... cashew chicken because she puts in extra veggies [I'm just trying to stretch it and make it a bit healthier, but if she really likes that...] Decorated with a heart with "I love you Mom" written on it.
  • My mom makes me laugh when... tickles me when I have the hicups and she tries to get them to go away. [And even though she begs me to stop, as soon as I do, she wants me to tickle her some more]
  • I love my mom because... she cooks for me. [Um, yeah, really not that often or that well, but I will do her favorites]
  • My mom makes me feel special when... she does something just for me. [She's my baby, of course I love doing things just for her] Decorated by a "Mom on board" sign
  • My mom took good care of me when... I was sick last November. [It was election week and she missed 3 out of 4 school days, and I took her to the dr. and helped her take her meds and use the inhaler, and let her snuggle and sleep with me.]
  • My favorite book that Mom reads is... There's a Monster at the End of this Book [used to read this too her all the time, funny Grover voice and all] Decorated with a drawing of the cover of the book.
  • My mom is special because... she loves every single person in my family even my anoying brother [aahhh, that's my sweet baby]
So it was a relaxing afternoon, and then the kids and I decided to go out. DH was tired and stressed, so he stayed home while I took the kids out to grab a quick bite and then do a little shopping so DH could cook dinner. Yummy keema with potatoes, lentils and kebabs. And then the kids had to clean up.

All in all, a very nice Mother's Day.

Monday, May 11, 2009

DH in trouble

I hope everyone had a great weekend, especially all the mothers.

I actually had a very nice weekend and Mother's Day (and, yes, you do detect a note of surprise there). My family (my husband) is not very good with celebrations, unless I do all the planning and work, so I wasn't expecting much. Especially since DH just got me the iPhone a couple of weeks ago and said it was my Mother's Day gift. I knew I'd get something from YC as she is still in elementary school and gift making is part of the curriculum.

But.... DH owed me....

Let's start back on Friday.

I was working from home and the kids had no school, so it was a bit of a relaxed morning; relaxed enough that DH and I had time for a little fun before he needed to head out the door. Nothing like starting the day with a little erotic spanking, foreplay and multi-orgasmic sex (discovered later that DH left some love bites on my shoulder and the back of my neck). That evening, DH decided to go out ~~ normal for a Friday ~~ while I stayed home, watching TV, snuggling with YC. Sometime after midnight, I turned everything off and drifted off to sleep.

Only to be awakened at 1:30 a.m. by the ringing phone. We have caller ID, but I didn't know the caller ~~ the name looked like some sort of code. But it included our state... and in that moment I knew, just knew, that it was DH and he was in trouble. Arrested. DUI.

(I want you to know DH is not an alcoholic and does not have a drinking problem ~~ he only goes out a few times a month. Also, he said it was okay to blog about this ~~ maybe someone out there has had a similar experience and can offer advice.)

I got directions to the state police facility where he was being held ~~ way the hell out in the boondocks. And at 2am I headed out the door to get to him. I had lots of time to think about how I would react and decided to keep calm. He's an intelligent man and I knew I wouldn't say anything he hadn't already said to himself, and he didn't need me adding to his guilt and stress. So I paid the bond and waited. We got home around 3am.

He talked all the way home. He'd been at one place, got a call from a friend at another place and DH went to go join him. Since DH was in a rush to get there before his friend left, he was driving a little too aggressively ~~ tailgating and an illegal lane change (unfortunately, DH does not have to be drinking to drive this way, it's pretty normal). This is what got the officer's attention. And of course, once DH was pulled over, the officer could tell he'd be drinking and did all the standard tests. DH thought he was doing well, but the officer's notes indicated that he failed the tests. So, on went the handcuffs and off he went to jail.

It was obvious how bad he felt about the whole thing. No anger towards the police, just towards himself. I just made sure I was there for him, making supportive comments and gestures. One of the ways I could tell how upset he was ~~ as we finally laid down to sleep he curled up behind me, wrapped his arms around me, and fell asleep holding me tight. We don't generally sleep like this ~~ it's too uncomfortable. But it was what he needed.

Up Saturday and off to the impound yard. Kids of course had questions about where was Daddy's car. I just told them it was towed, figuring it was up to DH to tell them as much or as little about what happened.

Then it was computer searches for attorneys and phone calls and reviews of the tickets and other paperwork. It's going to cost thousands to get through this. On our side is that it's a first offense, he wasn't far over the legal limit, he was not driving dangerously, and no one was hurt. Right now it's just wait and see.

I'll continue with this in the next post. Promise.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Well, it's been a day

Happy Monday

If you saw any of my weekend tweets, you might have noticed things were a little tense. Don't know why, don't care, just as long as we continue to get along. It's after 9pm and so far so good.

My boss didn't make it today, so I made the drive for no good reason. He says he'll be there tomorrow. I hope so.

I was supposed to go to the gym today. Um, yeah, didn't make it. Forgot to take my gym shoes to work, left work late, and when I stopped at home to get them, I found out that my baby fell while riding her bike. She got some pretty bad scrapes and was on need of some mommy love. I did the math and if I still went to the gym, I wouldn't get home until after 9 - way too late. So I have skipped and will get back on track Wednesday.

OC is driving us all nuts between her obsession with hockey and her constant studying for her upcoming AP test. I will be so glad when both are over and done.

MC shared a story -- he and a friend, A, had a project. It didn't go so well. Ended with A flat on his back with a bloody nose after flipping over a rail and smacking his head on a wall. Then the teacher fainted on the way to the nurses office. And it's all caught on tape. Can't wait to see it. I've told MC he should write all down too. I also made him call and check on A --he's alright and plans to be on school tomorrow.

Spring has finally fully arrived. All our trees are in full blossom and the handful of tulips that did not get eaten by bunnies bloomed. We will definitely need to plant more bulbs this fall.

And I am having way too much fun with my iPhone.

So, that's the update from Casa Robin

-- From My iPhone