Thursday, September 13, 2007

Silly Things

Didn't get a chance to write during lunch today (ate out with an account rep) so I don't have anything prepared. I usually take my personal computer to work with me, and while I don't have Internet access through it while at work, I do use it to jot down notes, thoughts, stories, etc., and not just for blogging. Depending on how long my "story" is, I may be able to get 2 or 3 things down (at least roughly) during that time.

So, since I didn't get that chance, here's just a couple of silly things that happened yesterday.

DH was out of town Monday and Tuesday, returning yesterday (Wednesday). We obviously missed each other because:

A) While I was working on my computer yesterday evening, the phone rang, just once. I thought it might be DH but didn't say anything (he was out running errands). My oldest child was in our bedroom office working on the desktop computer. I asked which phone was ringing (we have 2 lines), she wasn't sure, and I answered, "Probably nothing as it only spanked once." As soon as I finished speaking I realized what I'd said, and started to snicker. My daughter is staring at me, "What!?" I'm sure my face was red, as I just kinda mumbled something along the lines of 'I don't know, just ignore me, pretend I didn't say that, we're not going there." Turns out it was DH and another child had just been quick on the pick up.

B) DH is home from his errands and all 5 of us are in our room. DH had been in Mexico and the client there had given him this large basic of Mexican candies to bring home. We're all trying them out, sharing our opinions -- DH sitting back against the headboard on his side, me lying on my stomach with my feet up by my pillows and my head near his feet. With the kids right there, DH asks me, "How many candies have you had?" "3." "3?" "Yeah." He then gave me three solid spanks on my backside. He laughed, I just looked at him. I didn't even look at the kids to see what they might be thinking. And everyone went back to trying the candies.

Unfortunately, DH was exhausted last night so nothing happened but sleep, but he's not so tired to night. I know because he's requested that I spend some time lavishing him with some oral attention before we retire for the night. I'm sure at least a little spanking will be my reward.


Anonymous said...

I saw a link on Bonnie's blog. I like your storied. Wish you the best of luck.


Anonymous said...

Hi, Saw your link on Bonnie's blog & came on over to read. Glad I did, looking forward to coming back often!
Best Wishes, Sally

Robin said...

to John -- Thank you for visiting and the compliment. Hope you come back again.

to Sally -- Thank you for visiting and commenting. please do come back.

Alex said...

You'll get used to that, the freudian slip that leaves the relatives wondering what you meant, or what you're up to.

All part of the game :)

Robin said...

Thanks, Alex. I figure others before me have made the same sort of slips. And I know I'll make more.