Monday, December 22, 2008

Something New

Microfantasy Monday - Week 7
inspired by Ang at

I woke to the sensation of my arms and legs being gently pulled apart and bound to the bed. I slowly opened my eyes to see – darkness. The soft blindfold had been slipped over my eyes while I slept. Wiggling a little I could feel towels beneath me.

“Shhh. I’ll be right back.”

I trembled with anticipation, wondering what was in store. I could hear him, in and out of the bedroom, up and down the stairs, but no other sounds to clue me in on what he was planning. Obviously, he didn’t want me moving, and the towels beneath indicated that things might get messy, but beyond that…. I waited, trying to keep my breathing calm.

I heard him approach, then felt the bed dip as he set his weight upon it. The air around him was cold as he leaned in, cupping my face with chilled hands and kissing me with increasing heat. I moaned and struggled to get closer. He pulled a way with a low laugh.

“Not yet.”

A strange rustling, crunchy sound. And then I felt it… scattered across my body, tightening my nipples, cooling my heat, making me shiver and shudder with it’s intensity.



lalana said...

I absolutely love it!!! Makes me wish the snow outside wasn't covered in 3 inches of ICE right now :)


Robin said...

Thank you :D

I had fun thinking this up. I decided to go with fantasy... as opposed to DH's suggestion yesterday that I strip naked and go stand outside in the snow for 5 minutes in the -6F weather. Besides being f-ing cold out, it was broad daylight and we have no privacy in our yard. Can you say 'arrested'. :P

Brambleberry Blush said...

OHHHH, that was truly delicious! Certainly gave me goosebumps. Well done, Robin.


Robin said...

Thank you, Carly *bowing deeply*
I definitely enjoyed writing it.

Ang said...

Oh, yummy. Very much doable too.

Robin said...

Thank you, Ang, for the kind comment and for creating Microfantasy Monday. This was my first chance to participate.
Now if only DH were that creative *sigh

M:e said...

Delicious!! We've had SUCH fun with ice in the past, and I can absolutely imagine what snow would be like...grins.

love and hugs xxx

vanimp said...

Damn, nice wee piece of erotica ... i don't get snow here so travelling would be involved to get to play with snow lol. Welcome to the fold! xx

Spanky said...

Very sensual! Almost makes me wish we lived where it snowed. Almost.

Greenwoman said...

Yummy. *grins*

Mina said...

Ooh Robin, this sounds delicious. I love the contrast of cold and heat and I bet you melted that snow before long.

Hugs and merry Christmas.

john said...

Great start. To-morrow the rest of the story?

Robin said...

M:e -- thank you. We haven't done any 'cold' play but it certainly intrigues me.

Vanimp -- thank you. I had fun writing this. Snow is ok, in moderation, and it has not been moderate here this year. I hope to be able to write some more microfantasies this year.

Spanky -- thank you. Yeah, I understand the 'almost' bit -- this has been an extreme winter so far and I've had just about all the snow and cold I can take. It was fun to take something that can be miserable and make it sensual and erotic.

Greenwoman -- thank you :D

Mina -- thank you. DH read the story -- don't know if he was inspired by it or not... He did tie me up after reading it, but he didn't try the snow...

John ~ thank you. I hadn't really thought beyond that little bit, but maybe I will... If I do, I will definitely share.