Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Love Our Lurkers Day!

Thanks, again, to Bonnie over at My Bottom Smarts for organizing LOL Day.

I'm guessing, hoping that I've got more than 1 reader still out there, and if so, probably a handful of lurkers... Maybe?

Anyway, if you read this blog, lurker or not, please leave me a comment today letting me know.

I sincerely appreciate everyone who reads, whether they comment or email me or not, and I want to take the chance today to say a great big

Monday, October 12, 2009

Certain Photos

Microfantasy Monday ~~ Thanks to Ang over at Sweltering Celt

Lindsay saw the envelope stuck under the windshield wiper as soon as she left the store. She slowed and glanced around but didn't see anyone obviously watching her or the car.

She put the groceries in the car, removed the envelope then got in. Lindsay knew she shouldn't open the envelope ~ it probably wasn't for her as she was driving a friend's car ~ but curiosity overruled her hesitation. She examined it closely ~ there were no marks of any sort, no writing, no indication of who it was for, or who it might be from. It was just your standard Manila envelope.

Lindsay opened the envelope, tilted it, and caught the stack of photos that slid out. All were 8x10, full color, high def, close ups as well as well as ones that took in the entire scene.

And scene it was. Lindsay fought to hold back the laughter, for front and center in each photo was George, the husband of her best friend and neighbor Cindy. And George was not alone; George was enthusiastically taking part in what appeared to be a men only orgy. Well, she and Cindy had wondered about George for years, and here was the proof.

Someone had obviously recognized Cindy's car, they just hadn't realized Cindy wasn't driving it.

Lindsay knew she'd share the photos with Cindy, the only question was when ~~ before or after they fucked each other senseless.


Friday, October 9, 2009

Nothing good to share

As you've probably noticed, once again I haven't been around for awhile.
Basically, there's been nothing good, fun, funny, exciting to write about because there's been very little good, fun, funny, or exciting going on in my life.
So I've taken the stance, to paraphrase Thumper's mother, that if I haven't got anything good to say, I just won't say anything at all.
I didn't start this blog as a place to complain and that's not what I want it to become, so for now, I'm not likely to be posting anything here.
Should circumstances change... Well, I'm not holding my breath.