Tuesday, September 18, 2007

DH Full of Surprises

My DH never ceases to surprise me.

Saturday was our date night and we both needed the time out.
Friday night had been stressful (see my post on Robin’s Nesting Place), and Saturday DH was stressed over a work related email he had received. I didn’t know about the work email and thought I was the cause of his stress (I thought it was something I had done that was irritating him) and wasn’t sure if he even wanted to go out with me. He went back forth, finally deciding that yes, we would go out. He still wasn’t in the best of moods, so while he got ready I sent him a text message:

Love me?
Spank me?
Fuck me?”

He didn’t get it until we were downstairs, heading out the door, when he grinned and announced that he’d gotten a message from his girlfriend. Major mood improvement :)

While we were at the bar, we started talking about spankings. It was so loud in there, I doubt anyone could have heard what we were saying, but if they did, oh well.
How did he surprise me? First, he revealed that he had thought about spanking me, long before I brought it up. Well, I’ll be. He’d never mentioned it and his reaction when I brought it up did not lead me to believe it had ever crossed his mind. Did not, however, get any explanation as to why he never said anything, or even tried to. Second, he said that if there were any clubs around where we could check “things” out, he’d be happy to take me. So now I need to do a little searching, but we’re pretty close to a large city, so odds are I should be able to find something. Third, he’s asked me to find some spanking movies we can watch together. Any suggestions anyone? Fourth, I was snuggling against him while at the bar, and at one point he had his arm around me and gave my breast a squeeze (DH is not really into public displays, so this was a pleasant surprise).

Did he respond to my text when we got home? Oh, yes, live and in person, all three counts. Even tried a couple of new implements (wooden spoon and belt). I kinda liked the belt – a very different sensation from the other items he typically uses on me. And he was bossy – “be quiet,” “don’t move,” “spread your legs,” “get back in position,” “don’t tell me what to do.” He even spanked my inner thighs – ouch! Love it when he gets all dominant like that :) Woke up Sunday morning with a sore bruised bum – unfortunately mostly on the left side. I wish he’d try to learn to be more balanced and ambidextrous with the spankings – it’s not so comfortable when it’s uneven like that. Of course, he claims it was all intentional.

Unknown to me, I am apparently responsible for making sure all implements get put away. This was made clear to me when DH walked into the kitchen Sunday morning with the wooden spoon in hand and proceeded to give me a hard swat while reprimanding me for not putting it away. The kids were in the family room. For someone who professes to be concerned about whether the kids know what’s going on, he’s not doing a very good job of being discreet.

Anyway, just another day in our spanko life.

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