Wednesday, September 12, 2012

A few pics from our most recent vacations

Nothing pervy here, but I thought someone at least might like these.

Too many fish to count -- but I could sit and watch for hours

Whale shark

Manta ray mid somersault

Multiple mantas
Small Southern town
County courthouse

Part of set for The Walking Dead Season 3

Front of "Woodbury Townhall"

Back of "Woodbury Townhall"

A small pond

Spanish moss


Headstones missing their graves

City Hall (I was hoping for sun to make the gilded dome shine)

A church
Magnolia flower

Oh my god. It's the Atlantic Ocean. My first time ever. 

Looking south down the beach

Wading in the Atlantic. It's WARM. So used to the cold Pacific. This is nice.

Yes, you read that right. Alligators. Wild alligators.

No alligators visible in here
Oh wait. Look what just swam out from under the walkway we're standing on...

Another shot of the alligator

Blocking the road, hoping for food
I fed it 

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Sex Sex and More Sex

Okay, maybe not quite that much sex, but I got your attention didn't I :-p

And there was real honest-to-goodness sex last weekend. Because hub was here for the entire long holiday weekend, plus an extra day.

He arrived Friday after a business trip so was pretty exhausted. And I'm always exhausted after a long week of work and kids. He did go out for a bit to see if any of his friends were about. I took advantage of this to get nice and clean in the shower; you know, just in case...

When hub did crawl in bed, there were a few caresses, particularly of my bare bottom, before he fell asleep. However, it wasn't too much later before I was awakened by hands groping and caressing and pulling me up tight against a very hard cock. I was tired and sleepy but I couldn't ignore this attention. Too tired for full on sex, hub and I used our hands on each other to bring each other to orgasm. And then it was back to sleep.

So, sex #1 -- 3am Saturday morning

Having stayed up late, then the early early morning activity, it's not surprising that we slept in. But waking up refreshed we now had the necessary energy. Yay! Full on fucking. There was licking and sucking and fingering (of me), and licking, sucking and blowing (by me), even a tiny bit of as-quiet-as-possible hand spanking before and during the doggy-style fucking. The fucking that went on for a bit as after so many weeks it was feeling soooooooooooooooo good (as clearly evidenced by the multiple orgasms I had). Satisfied, at least for the moment, it was time to get cleaned up and take care of family weekend activities.

#2 -- late Saturday morning (that's twice in less than 12 hours)

Sad to say, but that was it until we got some time alone Sunday evening -- managing to get both kids out spending the night elsewhere. Without the kids around, we pulled out the Liberator Throe, the oils, and various spanking implements. So, yes, FINALLY, I got spanked. A little. Some. Not nearly enough. But at least it was something. Hub just gets too distracted by my bare backside and ease of access to everything. But then again, considering the way he spanks (absolutely no warm up or build up) and my basically virgin bum, I don't know if I could have handled a drawn out spanking session.... Of course, he could have always switched to flogging my back...

#3 -- Sunday night

Our final bit of sex was Monday morning, just our normal average sort -- he handles me to orgasm while I stroke him, then he flips me over, slides in and thrusts away until he comes and we both collapse onto the bed. There were a few bare hand spanks during, which was okay since the kids were still out.

#4 -- Monday morning

Final count over over 4 full days of hub being here -- Sex four times! Woot! Not bad for us. Sadly, it has to hold us over for a couple of months until he gets to visit again.

Monday, August 20, 2012

So, here we are again

Yeah, yeah, yeah.  I know, I know ~ sigh~  Another whole year -almost, anyway.

And sadly enough, there really isn't anything even to write about.

I just reread my post from last year, and nothing much has changed.  I'm still at the same job with the same crazy commute.  Still having the same health issues although I do sleep better with the CPAP - - at least I think I do anyways; some days I'm not so sure.

I'm still a mom, and right now I'm struggling with getting the younger two ready for the start of school.  I already got the oldest back to university, but only after buying her a car, multiple hassles with the financial aid office, and spending a few hundred dollars more on her for supplies and furniture and such.  All of which means, unless the family business has done well this year and they send me some extra money, I'm pretty much broke for the foreseeable future. Son is a senior this year, which of course means the added stress (on him and me and hub) of getting him set for college next year. Unfortunately, I'm not sure we can afford it unless he gets some really good scholarships. And youngest is off to middle school. It just boggles how many supplies, of all sorts, are required by the schools, and how much said supplies cost.

Let's see... What else?

Had a nephew come live with us for about 6 months. That was an interesting experience. Some culture clashes.

Hub took a new job in another state. The job is a good opportunity but it is stressful on all of us since I've stayed behind with the kids. We see each other, in person, about one weekend a month. The girls and I did go down in June, explored the area, went to Savannah, Georgia (loved the history, the architecture, the Spanish moss), then drove to Hilton Head Island, South Carolina (saw a roseate spoonbill in a marsh, saw and waded in the Atlantic Ocean for the first time, had Southern cooking for lunch, saw a wild alligator), went to a wild animal park where we got to feed all sorts of critters (while trying to keep them out of the car). Most of the trip was pretty good -- a couple of people (not me) got a bit testy a few times.

Our sweet puppy Bear, a Newfoundland, died unexpectedly on Mother's Day -- which was also his 5th birthday. We still miss him, still find the house empty without his presence.

Well, that about brings it up to date.