Friday, September 7, 2007

Cruisin' for a Bruisin'

First of, can I just express dismay that it's been over a month since I last posted. The entire month of August just gone. I have plenty of reasons why -- DH travelling, my travelling, stress at work. And it's now been 3 weeks since my last spanking, too (although DH promises me that will be rectified tomorrow night). I have, however, been using my lunch hour to jot down some stories, notes and observations, so here goes.

Earlier this year DH & I went on our very first cruise, around the eastern Mediterranean. We started in Italy then went to Croatia, Turkey, and two of the Greek Isles, ending up back in Italy. We flew my mom in to watch the kids (we have no family nearby), so it was just the two of us for ten days. In 14 years of marriage this is only the second kid-free vacation we’ve taken, and the other one was last year. (I am not counting the random night in a local hotel now and then).
I was instructed to pack our “toys” -- which I eagerly did (I even created a “To Pack” list to make sure I didn’t forget anything, not just our toys). In retrospect, I probably over packed, but this was the first trip since we’ve started spanking, and I wanted to make sure we were ready for everything.
We had a great time -- in and out of our room (our neighbors could attest to our in room fun -- we got knowing smiles when we happened to meet in the hall). We went ashore at each stop, sometimes with an organized shore excursion, other times on our own. The Greek Isles were definitely our favorites and we hope to go back. We went nightly to at least one of the lounges, met people, danced (a very little as DH does not like to), listened to music, etc. The weather was gorgeous -- not a drop of rain whenever we were in port, only a little during the night. And from the very beginning of our trip in Milan I was spanked every day.
Since we are newbies, we are still figuring out the details -- how long, how hard, exactly where on my backside I should be spanked, positions, implements, etc. We had lots of time to play and experiment and during one session DH decided to focus his attentions on the undersides of my cheeks and on my sit spot. We have just a few implements at this time, really only 4 that he likes to use (including his hand) -- a 3-heart leather paddle, a bare wood Ping-Pong type paddle and an oval wooden hairbrush. He has a tendency to switch around between all 4, and I can’t always tell which one he’s using at any given time, unless I’m able to pay close attention (not always easy). Anyway, not sure what he used that day, but he definitely got my bottom red. When he couldn’t take it any longer, I was pulled up to my knees and he thrust in. It wasn’t long till I was moaning and coming, and not too much longer till I could hear that DH was about ready. After he came I figured we were done -- boy was I wrong. I have this purple gelly vibrator shaped somewhat like my DH. He now brought that out and began to use it on me, inside and out. I don’t know how long this continued as it was so intense I lost any track of time or orgasms, until finally I pulled away and collapsed face down on the bed.
As I lay there gasping for breath and trying to pull myself back to reality, I heard the click of DH’s cell phone camera. As I rolled over, disbelieving what I had just heard, DH showed me the picture. There I was, flat on my stomach, bright red bottom facing the camera. (And, no, this will not be posted mainly because I don’t want to, but I also don’t have access to it and really don’t want to explain to my loving DH why I need a copy of the picture.)
Up till this spanking, I had never had any lasting marks or pain (it most definitely hurts and marks during, but it rather quickly fades). The next morning when I get out of bed, DH looks at me then tells me to stop and bend over (obviously so he can get a better view). With a tone of astonishment, DH announces, “You’re bruised!” Mind you, I didn’t feel a thing, so I went into the bathroom, and after much contorting and tip toe standing I was able to see what he was talking about -- a lovely string of little bruises on the under curve of each of my cheeks. I know marking is something DH has issues with (he’s afraid he’s damaging me beyond repair) but I think the fact that I took it so well has helped since I’ve definitely had later spankings that marked me and that I felt the next day (or longer).
Up to that point, that was the best spanking session I’d had.


john said...

You certainly had a wonderful holiday. It's a pity you can't post a picture. Next week we're going to Turkey. My sister in law has an apartment there in Alanya.
Maybe we'll meet (LOL)

Robin said...

Ephesus and the ruins were fascinating. This year it's mainly Greece with Split, Croatia thrown in before we head back to Italy.
I love the Greek Isles. I win the lottery, that's where I'm heading.