Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Dented the Lexus

My husband has a black Lexus SC430, his baby (along with the motorcycle and the dog). It gets washed at least once a month, is covered while in the garage, is rarely left at the airport when DH travels (he’ll hire a car or use a company car). He parks it on the right side of the garage by the door to the house and I park on the left side (this is as you’re facing into the garage from outside).

It’s important to understand how the cars are parked because it’s part of what happened next. For some reason, forgotten now, my car was out on the driveway. At that time we had a golden retriever, Lily, and she was going nuts, chewing everything she could reach (including our youngest child). We had bought her some retriever rolls and I decided to use one to get her to go out to the garage. So, I stood in the doorway (remember it’s by DH’s car), took a retriever roll (about 10” of rolled, hard rawhide) and did an underhand toss into the garage trying to get it onto my side of the garage. Only I misjudged and put too much height on my toss – I knew this as soon as it left my hand. It initially cleared the Lexus, then hit the roof of the garage and smacked right down onto the hood of his car. DH had been out on the driveway, but heard the noise and came into the garage. He knew right away what had happened. I was adult about it, I didn’t run away or try to bluster my way out of it. I stood there in that doorway with a chagrined look on my face while hubby inspected the dent. After giving me what for, verbally, he got in his car and took off – needing time to cool down (standard behavior when he’s upset).

The really stupid thing is that right before I made that toss, I actually considered the possibility that it might hit his car. And I threw it anyway. Sheeeesh. Obviously not working with a fully functioning brain that day.

Anyway, you’re probably thinking DH came back and spanked me good and proper for doing something so stupid. Nope, we don’t do punishment spankings, although he threatens.

And that’s what happened here, but it took him a few days to make the threat – I think it was after he got the quote to fix the dent ($130). Ok, I may have mentioned something about he “could always spank me for it.” Basically, this was said because I was tired of hearing about the darn dent – I knew I did it, it was a stupid move on my part, I hadn’t destroyed the car, and I was ready to move on. He grinned and said something along the lines of yes he should. Now I didn’t think he really would, it just doesn’t seem his nature, but he’s surprised me in the past, and just the fact that he said he should was enough for there to be little butterflies of trepidation (and arousal) fluttering away.

This is how the “spanking” went – we were lying down, enjoying some quiet time to ourselves, when he reaches over and swats my fully clothed butt. He started talking about how I needed a spanking for denting his car – which was fine until he started grinning and laughing. I couldn’t help but grin and laugh, too. I don’t think he did more than a half dozen bare hand – to –jean covered bottom swats before he was laughing too hard to continue.
So, if he had approached me seriously about administering a punishment spanking, would I have submitted? Probably, at least at first. Depending on how it went I can't say whether it would ever happen again. I try not to over analyze but there is a part of me that would like DH to hold me accountable for my actions with clearly defined consequences. I especially feel this way when he's upset about something -- his usual behavior is to blow up and then disappear. When he comes home it's pretty much the silent treatment until he calms down and then the issue is pushed under the rug as though nothing ever happened. I really don't like this, especially as I like to think of my husband as the big, strong man and not as the temper tantrum throwing child. Very hard to respect an adult acting like a child. I think I'd rather face a spanking and discussion about the situation and have the tension defused than have to walk on eggshells around DH until things get back to "normal." I am also a huge supporter of the idea that if no one tells you there's a problem and what it is, you can't work together to fix it -- so all his disappearing and silent treatment do are postpone the issues until the next blow up.
Anyway... for the time being, fun and erotics spankings? YES! Punishment/discipline spankings? No. And that works for me.


Anonymous said...

Oh Robin, I slammed my husbands Lexus Suv into a concrete column. I got out and the only thing that was wrong was a scratch about 3 inches long. It took him a few months to notice it. He approached me with the idea that someone had backed into it. But i knew he was just testing me to see if I would lie. i got punished for not fessing up but it was not too bad. And he also has a Harley that is his baby too. I just read your blog for the first time from a link from Bonnie. I will be reading it from now on, sounds like we have some things in common. Have A great day!-Teresa

Robin said...

Welcome, Teresa. My husband's motorcycle is a Harley Sportster. That was his gift to himself. His gift to me was the computer I'm doing most of my fun stuff (including this blog) on. Seems only fair.
So sorry you got spanked for the scratch. If I knew I was facing a punishment for what I did, I probably would have tried to hide :)
Looking forward to getting to know you.