Saturday, August 14, 2010

What We Did on Our Summer Vacation, part 2

Day 3 -- Morning was unexciting. Packing, dropping off luggage at Terminal, quick drive around San Pedro, then waiting with the kids for what seemed like hours while DH returned rental car.
Did overhear one funny bit of conversation~
Son (maybe 6 years old) to father wearing pirate hat w/ Jack Sparrow hair: Dad, if you're going to be a pirate, I'm not going to be your friend.
Alright, well, we found it funny.
Once on board, it took a bit to find our cabins - it was a b-i-g ship. Kids were across the hall from us, in a smaller interior cabin. Which they all felt was grossly unfair.
Stood on deck as we set sail, just enjoying the view ~ brought back memories of being on small boats leaving that same harbor. After lunch, we explored a bit, then spent time is the pool & hot tub. After dinner, we all played video games in the arcade.
By 9:30 we were all dragging so headed to bed.
Gotta say I loved having a balcony. It was fun to leave the curtains & balcony door wide open while changing :-)

Day 4 -- We all slept in 'til about 9:30. While eating breakfast we saw sea lions floating by.
Spent more time exploring the ship. While in the Photo Gallery, I glanced out a window & saw whales. 3 or 4 of them, coming up to breathe as they swam by, the occasional fluke lift.. They were too far away for me to identify what species, but they did not have prominent dorsal fins (so NOT orcas no matter what my son might say).
While the kids went for a swim, DH & I hung out in our cabin for a bit, enjoying the view off our balcony. We even saw several dolphins.
Later, the kids & I were on the balcony and noticed several small animals at the front of the ship, but we weren't sure what they were. At first they appeared to be birds as they seemed to be flying away. But then they would dive into the water... Only we never saw them come back to the surface like you'd think a bird would. Flying fish? We went to a lower deck that was open to the outside so se could get a closer look. Yep. Flying fish. We watched for quite a while as it was interesting to see how they flew.
We also saw more sea lions floating by.
Kids eventually spent more time swimming. We hadn't seen DH since lunch ~ hours earlier. I joined the kids for awhile, then it was time to get ready for Formal Night. Had a wonderful dinner & got a few family photos taken.
After dropping the kids back at their cabin, DH & I went out for a couple of drinks before heading to our own cabin to have some fun. DH put on some porn, laid out all the implements & had me get into position, bent over the edge of the bed. He started with his hand (my favorite), then switched things up by also using the evil bathbrush, the flogger, & the leather paddle. He was rather heavy handed at times & I had to struggle not to make too much noise. Soon I was up on the bed, face pressed down into pillows to muffle my cries & moans as he pounded into me, eliciting multiple orgasms. Then more flogging & spanking as I stayed with my ass up & legs spread. DH applied & rubbed oil on my skin & lubed us both in preparation for anal. It didn't take long 'til I was moaning & screaming into the pillows again as orgasm after orgasm flashed through my body. He even reached around to rub my clit & finger my pussy, before gripping my hips tightly in his hands as he thrust harder & faster for his own release.
Sated & exhausted, we quickly cleaned up & collapsed into bed.


Part 3 coming soon...


Wednesday, August 11, 2010

What We Did on Our Summer Vacation

So a while back I said I would write about our family vacation, a 7-day cruise from Los Angeles (San Pedro) down to Mexico & back.

Here's a start:

Day 1 -- We flew into Orange County Friday afternoon, staying at a hotel by the Long Beach airport. That first night should have clued me in on how the entire trip would go.
After a late family dinner at one of our favorite places, I was hoping for some sex-filled quality time with DH. But there was a game he wanted to watch & a friend he wanted to go out with. By the time the game finished, I was falling asleep. So DH showered & went out.
He came back well after 2 a.m., drunk & high. Yes, I said high, as in stood in the mens bathroom with strangers smoking joints. He climbed in the bed & fell asleep. I did not sleep well.

Day 2 -- Our 15-year-old son woke us at 8 a.m. because he was bored & hungry. And then because we didn't immediately hop up & fulfill all his wishes, he had a breakdown, yelling, sulking, walking off so we couldn't find him. (It was after we got up but before we got with the kids that DH told me about being too drunk & smoking pot. I was incredibly disappointed in him).
I finally managed to 'text' our son down & we went to the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach. I love this aquarium. When we lived near there, we always had a membership.
Considering how the day had started, we all had a really good time. We saw everything, taking all the time we wanted. We held birds, touched sharks & skates & rays & sea urchins & sea hares. In one of the large tanks there was a huge grouper that seemed to be very interested in our youngest, repeatedly swimming up to & past her. At the largest tank, we got to watch divers feeding lettuce to various fish & sea creatures. Our youngest got an upside down high five from one of them.
Just a really great time. After 2-1/2 hours we were still reluctant to leave but we wanted to visit some of our old haunts, have lunch & then drive down to Huntington Beach & Laguna Beach. Later, it was back to the hotel & a late dinner at In-n-Out.
We did manage to get in a quickie before bed.

Side notes -- I'm a west coast girl ~ childhood in the east bay area of California, youth in Washington State, down to southern California after university. It always feels like coming home. The purple blooms of the jacaranda. Palm trees. Bougainvillas. Hibiscus. Ice plants along the freeways.
White stucco walls. Red tile roofs.
June gloom, which hopefully burns away for at least a few hours before the marine layer rolls back in as the day approaches its end.
Standing on cliffs or beaches staring out to sea, watching boats, ships, surfers, gulls, pelicans; hoping to see dolphins swimming by; listening to the waves crash upon rocks or shush over the sand; salty air blowing & coating skin and hair.
Even after 8 years away, I miss it horribly & always suffer homesickness even after just a short visit.

Someday soon I'll try to get some more posted.

P.S. Right now, I can't add pictures as they are all on my malfunctioning laptop & I am writing this on my phone. Hopefully in the not too distant future I'll be able to get some posted.