Wednesday, September 26, 2007


It's just been one of those weeks. I've felt not quite normal (nasty big red area on my arm from vaccination last week, achy, unfocused - what I like to call fuzzy around the edges). I swear no one would notice if I just crawled into a hole. I sit in a back corner behind high cubicle walls at work and if I don't come out, I never see anyone. So work is ugh this week. And at home -- DH (and, no the "D" does not stand for "dear" or "darling" or any other endearment that starts with D -- use your imagination as to what "D" might stand for this week) has been a bear all week, nothing I or the kids do is right, and he throws tantrums (I know I've mentioned this before). Makes me closed off. And feeling even worse.

So, I've just not felt like blogging this week, but since I know I get visitors daily (new and returning - thank you StatCounter) I wanted to let you all know I've not crawled into a hole (yet). I have been working on some post content (my life history, etc.) but just haven't felt like completing it and posting it. Soon, I promise.


Caryagal said...

Sounds like you're suffering after affects of the vaccination to me. Bummer on the rough week for both of you. I love your blog!!!! Keep writing! (Oh you might want to tell DH about it sometime! Have you read Cassies archives? YIKES!)


Robin said...

Hi Carye,
Sorry i didn't get back to you before now. Thanks for your support, means I'm not sharing into a blackhole. I think DH may suspect something -- couple of visitors have suspicious locations, isp providers -- but he hasn't said anything, and actually says he doesn't want to know what I'm doing on the computer (yeah, right). Which blog is Cassie's? I haven't gotten them all straight yet.