Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Making Up is Fun to do...

All this happened way back on the 16th.

We started the morning with a very enjoyable quickie before getting up and having at the day. We had thought about going to the club but by the time the evening rolled around I was just too darn tired for the long drive there and back (DH got a chance to nap while I didn't as I was too busy taking care of kids and stuff). We did decide to go out locally, so we showered and dressed ~~ I did leave my panties off, something I've been doing a lot lately.

We have just a few places we like to hang out. The one we chose this night was not too far and we knew it to have good food, good drinks and a comfortable atmosphere. DH decided he'd be the designated driver instead of having to worry about getting a taxi, so while he just had soda and water, I enjoyed a flight of 3 mini martinis. They were very good and it was easy to space them out over the course of our evening. The restaurant menu had recently been revamped. Oh my, some of those appetizers were so good, I almost want to describe them as orgasmic the blending of flavors was soooo good.

We didn't stay out too long. It was just about midnight when we got home ~ I was seriously yawning the whole drive home. While DH made sure the house was locked up for the night, I headed upstairs to change. I got only my socks and pants off before DH entered the bathroom. He enjoyed the view of my bare bottom peeking out from under my shirt so much that he bent me over the counter and started in with a hand spanking right then and there. After just a few spanks, he pressed his already hard cock up against me.

"See, I do like spanking you." I moaned and wiggled against him in agreement.

A few more hand spanks and caresses and he reached for one of the wooden hairbrushes. They were both originally bought for spanking purposes, but have more often been used for hairbrushing. A few swats with that, then he turned and saw the evil bath brush by the tub. I cringed and pleaded a little ~~ that thing really stings.

But you know what? DH has been paying attention and learning. It used to be that spankings felt more punishing than erotic as he would attack my bottom and whale away at me with full force. Not something I could take for too long, nor fully enjoy. I don't know if he's been reading or watching videos or what, but his methods have clearly changed. He tempered the blows but increased the total area covered. I know I much prefer sighing and moaning in arousal and pleasure than shrieking in agony.

Something else happened during this spanking that has never happened before ~~ bleeding. Not a lot, just a lot of little bloody speckles all over. It didn't feel any different and neither of us freaked out over it, just noted it in an 'oh, well, that's new' way and continued with what we were doing. In retrospect, I think if I had reacted all squeed out by it, that then DH might have freaked.

It was interesting being bent over the counter facing the mirror. I could watch DH as he planned and delivered each blow ~~ something I've never been able to do before. I'm sure he was watching me and my reactions as well.

After a bit of this, we moved into the bedroom where I was blindfolded and my hands were bound behind my back. DH had me bend over the side of the bed and wait while he got everything ready. I don't know exactly what implements he used on me... I know for sure his hand and the flogger, and I think maybe the crop... But I was sinking further into subspace with each blow. There was a definite hypnotic quality to it. I'd feel the sting or thud, then follow the pain as it morphed into heat and sank into my body. I was aware of, could feel my swollen dripping wet arousal ~~ for a while. Then I was just lost in the hypnotic repeat of pain then heat, pain then heat...

Through the haze, I heard DH moving things around, getting things ready for the next stage by putting the throe down in front of the fireplace.

Coming back over to me, he told me to stand. I need his help as I was feeling kind of fuzzy and dizzy. I helped me and guided me to the throe then instructed me to kneel. As soon as I was settled, he guided his hard cock into my waiting mouth. He kept me blindfolded the entire time, but did at some point loose my hands, although I was to keep them down and not use them during the blowjob.

It didn't seem too long before I was told to turn around and present myself to him ~~ on all fours, backed curved down to push up my ass, legs spread. This is his absolute favorite position to see me in.

And the fucking began. I was so aroused from everything that had already happened that it wasn't long before the first of many orgasms flooded through my body. DH rubbed massage oil into my ass and applied more hand spanks as he fucked me. I enjoyed orgasm after orgasm, moaning and screaming into the throe, feeling the force and depth of each thrust, until finally I heard his breathing change signaling that he was on the verge of his own orgasm. And I felt the liquid heat as he filled my pussy with his cum. I always smile with love and satisfaction when I feel or see him come. I love knowing that I have contributed to him feeling such pleasure.

He collapsed down next me, removing my blindfold. We just lay there for a few minutes, relaxing in the afterglow. For some reason, he still finds it hard to believe that I can orgasm that hard and that many times from intercourse when he didn't spend any time touching me or giving me an orgasm by hand or mouth beforehand. You'd think he'd have it figured out by now...

Anyway, we rested for a few minutes, then cleaned everything up and crawled into bed. I could definitely feel the heat and tenderness of my well beaten bum as I drifted off to sleep. The next morning, after a nice quickie, I checked in the mirror and there was still quite a bit of redness, some tenderness to the touch, and a little fine scabbing, but amazingly I never did develop any major marking (bruises) from that spanking.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Microfantasy Monday ~~ Books (1)

Microfantasy Monday is the brainchild of Ang of Sweltering Celt.

"Robin! You get your ass up here right now!" His voice echoed through the house.

~Oh, god, what now~ I thought as I followed the audible trail of his angry muttering up the stairs and into our bedroom, where I found him standing in my closet.

"What the hell! Where did all these books come from? Look at this," waving a bookstore bag and receipt in my face, "you just bought these last week. I clearly remember telling you 'no more books', at least not without checking with me first. And I also clearly recall you agreeing to this rule, however reluctantly. Didn't you?"

Without moving my eyes from his, I slowly nodded in agreement. I did remember him telling me he didn't want me buying any more books, and that there would be 'consequences' if I did. But, while he always threatened consequences, there never were any, and after a month of no book purchases, and no questioning from him on whether I was following the rule, I just figured he had forgotten, again, and didn't really care. So, I went to the bookstore, planning just to get two books by authors I like, but instead, as usual, I found many more I just had to have. Of course, I knew better than to just leave them lying around, so I put them in my closet thinking he'd never see them there.

Apparently, I was wrong.

"These books are going back to the store. Uh uh, don't even try to say anything right now. I am so pissed. Pissed that you would go and do something I specifically told you not to. And it's so obvious you were trying to hide these from me too." He advanced towards me, forcing me to back out of the closet and into our bedroom.

He was shaking, he was so angry.

"I am too angry to deal with you now. I'm going out for a while, but when I come back, there will be a punishment for breaking the rule. You will stay here in our room until that time. And I will be checking." And with that, he stormed out.


He returned about an hour later, still angry and upset, but much calmer than when he had left.

"I've thought about this, a lot. You've said often that you'd like more of a DD aspect to our marriage. I haven't wanted to, but I feel like you've pushed me to this. I asked you to follow one simple rule ~ do not buy any books ~ and not only did you buy books but you deliberately tried to hide that from me. I honestly feel that this is the only way you will truly listen to me." He closed and locked the bedroom door, closed the curtains, and turned up the volume on the TV. "Remove all your clothes and stand in that corner."

I slowly and fearfully did as instructed. While in the corner I could hear him moving around, obviously setting things up for my punishment. I figured spanking, but with which implement, how many, how long... We'd never done this for anything but play...

"Come to the bed and lean over the side."

Sitting on the bed were not only all our standard implements, but also the books I had bought. I could hardly move... but I managed to get into position.

"I think we'll start with 10 per side with each implement, including each of the books you bought, then I'll see if I think you need more. You will stay in position and you will count out each strike. Ready..."

And with full force, he began...

Quite a Bit Going On

Since DH and I have made up, there has been quite a bit going on. And to make sure I remember everything so I have something to write about here, I've taken to carrying a journal around with me and just jotting things down.

1-18-10 (noted on):

  • I asked DH if he'd like to try fisting me sometime. He's definitely interested. Not sure when we'll actually try. (There was a surprise attempt; plan to write it up later)
  • Rope play ~~ he's expressed an interest in trying this (maybe it was the pictures at the BDSM club ~~ I noticed him really looking at them). Told him a local online friend would be happy to demonstrate on me :-)  Also told him about a couple of websites he/we could check out.
  • While waiting at the orthodontist, read an interesting article in Newsweek. The Conservative Case for Gay Marriage by Theodore B. Olson. Very interesting and well written. It's refreshing to see an acknowledged conservative calmly and rationally refute all the irrational conservative arguments against it. In case you can't tell, I'm all for gay marriage. Actually people in any sort of committed loving consensual relationship should be allowed to have the legal recognition that a marriage certificate brings, even if they don't have one  ~~ gay, straight, poly, etc. ~~ health care coverage, tax breaks, recognition as family during emergencies, and so on. The world needs more love, in all it's many permutations, and not more intolerance and downright hate. My great uncle is gay ~~ I remember meeting him and his partner as a young child then again as a teen and nobody every treated it as odd. I had gay, lesbian, and bi- friends in college ~~ dormmates and roommates. I never felt uncomfortable around them or felt that there was anything 'wrong' with them. Sure, some I liked better than others, but you can say that about anybody, regardless of sexual orientation. This is a big reason I left the religion I grew up in ~~ very upset by their very public opposition to gay marriage.
Wednesday 01-20-10:

I woke up on the 20th with an extremely painful left eye. Upper and lower lids were swollen, eye itself felt hot, burning, scratchy. There was constant pain, running, extreme light sensitivity. And it also affected my right eye, making doing anything at all extremely difficult. (Did you know that tear ducts drain into nasal passages? Me neither. Until along with the runny left eye, I had a runny left nostril). Oh, and to top it off, although I am right-handed, I am left-eyed, so my poor, less good, right eye was having to do all the work ~~ it was not happy. And funny thing, I actually had a dream about my eye hurting, and I got up, went into the bathroom and was pulling balls of lint out of my eye :-/

DH stayed home with me. Took YC to school then took me to the doctor. Doctor took a look at my eye, said she didn't have the necessary equipment to really look at it and made me an appointment with and ophthalmologist later that day. Between appointments, DH needed to stop by the office and then we went to lunch. During the drive, I glanced over at DH to find him grinning. Here's what he was thinking:
  • What if I get any eyepatch?
  • I would look like a pirate...
  • I could dress up like a pirate... (he then commented, "Too bad I'm not more submissive. You could be a pirate queen...)
  • Thoughts of me dressed in my maid costume...
  • Leading to thoughts of what he likes to do to me when I'm a 'maid'
Finally saw the ophthalmologist. My eye was feeling much better at this point, but still obviously not normal. He took a look, removed some fibers and found that I had an infected scratch over my iris, kind of close to the pupil. I have no idea how this happened ~~ injuries of this sort are most commonly seen with contact wearers and I don't wear contacts. I was given antibiotic eye drops and sent on my way.

Thursday it was better, but still too bad for me to make the long drive into work. I worked a little bit from home, but was so exhausted and maybe slightly feverish that I spent most of the day napping and resting. That night, DH and I held hands and snuggled a bit while watching TV. When I turned onto my left side to sleep, his hand drifted to my bottom and rested there. I reached back to continue holding hands and he told me he was happy holding my butt. So, lots of loving touches, but I was just too tired and sick for sex ~~ and he didn't push. However, when I thanked him for taking such good care of me, he told me I owe him a blowjob. :-D

Friday I went into work. My eye was better, but still red and the upper lid was still a little swollen. It was really freaking my boss out ~~ he told me he couldn't even look at it, had to make sure he was looking at my other eye when talking to me.

Saturday was filled with errands ~~ car needed service, needed to pick up prescription and get drops to soothe my poor overworked right eye (while at Walgreen's, son managed to drop a spill a gallon of tea on the floor). Then it was nap time to rest up for our night out (which deserves a post of it's own).

Sunday was a day of rest, especially resting and recovering from the night before. The biggest thing of the day was a conference call with my sister and youngest brother ~~ our dad left everything to us in an FLP, with the oldest brother as GM. We think he's been less than honest in his dealings and when we politely asked him for more details, he threw a tantrum and said he wanted out. So now we're trying to come up with a plan that is fair for everyone, and he just keeps pushing and asking for way more than his share is worth. It's frustrating. We don't want to get attorneys involved, but we may have to. And he's the one who will lose everything if we have to do that as he relies solely on the family business for his income while all the rest of us have jobs and just enjoy getting a little extra money during the year.

This past week, I worked everyday, my eye is almost 100% again (just seems to tire easy and my poor overworked right eye does, too), and DH's mother, father, and youngest sister arrived Thursday for a week-long stay.

I hope to get at least one other post up this week....