Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Just a bunch of miscellaneous stuff

Star FetLife Contest ~~ In case you haven't heard about it yet, FetLife is having a holiday giveaway. "Have you been naughty or nice this year? We're giving away 218 presents, worth almost $25,000. Tell Santa what you want." I've looked over the list and made my 3 choices. Lots of good stuff to choose from ~~ it was hard to pick just three. The contest ends January 4, 2010, so you still have plenty of time to enter. (I can be found on there as RobinRB, but I'm not very active).

Star Blowjobs/deepthroating ~~ If you've been reading here a while, you may have noticed that blowjobs are very much part of our regular sex life. And while they definitely don't happen every time, they certainly occur more often than spankings or other kink.
As far as I can tell, DH is average in length and girth, with a pronounced head, but unfortunately, I have a very sensitive gag reflex. DH would love to be able to just fuck my mouth with complete abandon, but the result of that would definitely stop the fun for the evening. So, while he would love to call all the shots, guide me with my hair wrapped around his hand, the truth is that I kind of have to be the one calling the shots ~~ even when I am bound and kneeling at his feet. I like to mix up the action with sucking, licking, fast & shallow movement, slow & deep movement, random movement of my mouth around his penis, and the occasional teeth scrape (before anyone out there cringes at this, DH absolutely loves it when I do this, and in fact, I never would have thought to do it as I've read that most men do not like this, but he asked me to, so I do).
Just recently, I've tried to take him even deeper. This requires a lot of lubrication, slow breathing, and patience, on both our parts. I have noticed it becoming easier, and I swear I have been able to feel him all the way into my throat. It's an interesting feeling.
You may have noticed that sometimes we use flavored oils. This is not because we need to ~~ I think a nice clean cock is wonderful ~~ but if that's what DH wants... He's also pretty good about keeping his hair trimmed up so I'm not choking on them.
Also, DH does not care to come in my mouth. There have been times when I knew he was tired and just wanted to pleasure him, without him feeling like he needed to do anything with me. This usually consists of me giving him a full body massage and then going down on him while he lies on his back. I offer to let him just lie there, but no, when it comes to that time, he would much rather get up and pound into me. Not that I'm complaining Dumb

Star Lack of sensuality/eroticism during floggings ~~ So, perhaps you've seen my recent posts about flogging... and while I am greatly enjoying this new activity, something is missing.... I think DH is focusing so much on his form and aim that he sometimes forgets that this is supposed to be an erotic and arousing activity. I wish he would reach out and touch me more between strokes, or drape and drag the lashes of the flogger over my body... Obviously, something I need to talk to him about...

Star Safeword ~~ Now, I'm sure some of you out there are not going to be happy with this, but DH and I do not have any safeword system in place - yet. Frankly, we've never needed one. I've never felt like we reached a point where I couldn't take it anymore and needed him to stop, or at least pause for a break or adjustment. However, I ran into an issue recently during a flogging where my position was causing my calves to cramp. Before I reached the critical point, he finished up and I was able to move and the issue was fixed. But it did cause me to bring it up later that evening.  We don't have any word(s) in place yet, but we will before the next spanking, flogging, or whatever.

Star Birthday text from my brother ~~ I know this is completely off topic, especially when compared to all of the above, but it's been bothering me for days. One of my brothers texted me for my birthday:

       him:  Happy happy birthday to you from me, just imagine the singing. 
               Hope you are having a great birthday really older sister
        Me:  What's with the 'really'? I'm 29 (& holding) which makes me younger than you (winking smiley face)
       him:   That's right I am aging gracefully and not like a stuborn old mule

I chose not to respond to that last one, but it really bothered me. I would have that the winking smiley face would have been a good indicating that I was being silly. But even if he didn't catch that, I think his response was a little bit harsh, don't you?

Star Not moving out of position ~~ We don't do a lot of actual bondage. There's been the occasional time when I've been tied to the bed, and most recently the use of the collar/cuff set... but other than that, Nope. I'd like to try some, have DH learn how to do some rope bondage, see how it feels to be really bound.
But as a tool during spanking or flogging, something to keep me in place, so far, we don't need anything like that. I don't need to be restrained. I just don't seem to be one of those people who needs to be held into position. Sure, I wiggle, I may arch up or kick a foot up, but I've never actually gotten completely out of position. I don't even throw my hands back to try to protect my bottom. Don't know why ~~ I just don't. And before anyone thinks I haven't been hit hard enough, DH is not known for his warm ups or his gentle blows. There have been some incredibly painful blows, with all sorts of implements, that have left some major marks.
Now, if he wants to bind me into position, I'm not going to complain.

Star Fantasizing ~~ What a fun activity... when I'm masturbating or when DH is trying to get me off with his mouth or hand. But when it comes time for me to give him oral or receive a spanking or during intercourse (vaginal or anal), the ability to fantasize flies completely out the window. I am so caught up in the intense physical sensations of the moment that I can barely string two words together (unless they're 'oh, god' or 'oh, fuck' or 'fuck me' or something like those). So when DH tells me it's okay to fantasize... well, it's just not going to happen.

Star Pistachios commercial ~~ Has anyone seem this commercial? Now, I'll be honest, my firsthand knowledge of Dommes is non-existent, but this just didn't seem right. First of all, they "do it on command." Shouldn't it be more like they "do it with command"? Second, she's wearing a collar and I've always thought those were more of a bottom/submissive/slave thing rather than a Top/Dominant/Master thing. But with my level of knowledge, I could be way off.

Star And finally, just a fun commercial that makes me laugh ~~

I could see this happening in my family, how about you? Smile

Monday, December 14, 2009

Microfantasy Monday #58

Okay, not so micro or so much a fantasy as a story, but here you go...

Carl checked his watch again. With traffic the drive home was taking longer than expected, but with any luck he still wouldn't be too late. At least not as late as the last meeting.
Carl slumped down into his seat on the bus. Work had been so stressful lately, ever since the new management with their new processes and procedures had taken over. It seemed that no matter what he did, no matter how many hours he worked, he still couldn't get caught up.
Marie had been patient, so far, but he could see the stresses wearing on her as well. He rarely made it home for dinner lately, and their sex life, well, there wasn't much of one lately. He knew he missed it, missed feeling her body beneath him, missed watching her bottom twitch and redden with each spank, watching her writhe during a flogging. Carl was so tired, his dick didn't even twitch at these erotic thoughts.

As Carl entered the house, he could see the lights downstairs were dimmed. Walking into the kitchen he saw the the foil wrapped plate on the table. Marie was already upstairs, hopefully not sleeping yet, but probably in bed. Carl had no appetite so simply put the plate in the fridge then trudged upstairs.
Marie was in her robe in bed reading. She looked up as he came in.
"Another stressful day?"
"Why don't you go take a shower before bed. I think it will help you relax."
Carl nodded slightly at this suggestion and headed into the bathroom, closing the door behind him.

He came back into the bedroom about 15 minutes later, feeling if not truly relaxed, at least a little refreshed and ready to sleep. Until he looked at the bed. Laid out, in orderly fashion, were all their implements ~~ the leather paddle, the wood paddle, a hairbrush, the crop, even a cane.
Carl stared at Marie.
"Marie... I know we haven't had any fun of this sort, heck, of any sort, in a while, but really, I just can't do this right now. I barely have the energy to crawl into bed; there's no way I can muster up enough to spank you."
"Oh, Carl, my sweet, stressed out Carl," Marie walked to him and gave him a hug. "These aren't for you to spank me, they're for me to spank you."
Carl started out of her arms and backed away.
"You've been so stressed, and you know how much a good stress relief spanking is for me when I'm so worn out by it all. I thought that perhaps you might find a stress-relief spanking good, too."
"I don't think so... You know I don't consider myself a switch..."
"This isn't about switching... this is about me trying to find some way to help the man I love destress. Please, let's just try it. If it doesn't work, it doesn't work, and we don't ever have to try it again. Please."
Carl looked at Marie and the love and concern were clear. He had no desire to be spanked, never had, but maybe, just maybe it would help. And he knew just being willing to try would make Marie feel better.
"Alright, let's give it a try. I suppose it can't hurt to try."
They both laughed at Carl's little joke. Then he climbed on the bed, positioning himself comfortably over the pillows and waited for Marie to start.

Marie sat on the bed at Carl's side and caressed his bottom. She started slowly and gently with her hand, mixing rubbing and stroking with the spanks. As his bottom started to pink and warm, she began with the leather paddle. Marie paid close attention to Carl's reactions, making sure not to spank too hard.
"Turn your head to face me, Carl."
He did, and Marie watched as she continued with the spanking. Carl's eyes were closed, his mouth relaxed, pursing only with a slightly more painful blow. It was clear he was relaxing.

Marie started to speak softly while continuing the spanking, telling Carl how much she loved him and cared for him, how hard it was for her to see him so distressed, how much she missed being intimate with him, that she would do everything she could think of to help him, to help them, to make things better.
Carl's breath was slow and steady as he opened his teary eyes and looked at her. Slowly he reached a hand up as he turned on his side and took the paddle from her. He shifted off the pillows and guided Marie down next to him. He opened her robe and began to caress her body. Before long Carl had Marie pinned beneath him on the bed as he pounded into her. It wasn't long before Marie screamed in orgasm, and as her pussy clenched tight around his cock, he couldn't hold back any longer and came, too.

After a quick cleanup, a much less stressed Carl and satisfied Marie spooned as they drifted off to sleep.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

My birthday

Birthday Candles

This past Saturday, Dec 5th, was my birthday.

After a day as a family, including lunch at a favorite Indian restaurant with special gulab jamun for dessert, I took a little rest, relaxing and watching TV. DH gave me a wonderful card (and picked out cards for each of the kids to give to me) and some wireless headphones. I got a call from my mom and from my stepmom, and a text from one of my brothers (this will be discussed on another post). A former co-worker, a friend from high school and a few online friends also sent out birthday wishes online.

Just a nice day.

DH and I decided to have our date night.

I showered first. I decided to wear my steel boned corset (which I absolutely love) with black lace thong, jeans and a cardigan. Unfortunately, I had a heck of a time with with the ties and had to have DH help me with them (where's a ladies maid when you need one? *grin*). 

We decided to go to our favorite place. It's a restaurant/pub with an Irish theme. Really nice place, great food, good drinks, reasonable prices. We were able to find seats at the bar, DH's favorite place to sit. Since we were still pretty full from lunch we just had some appetizers ~~ they do these great steak bites that are soooo flavorful and tender..... yum. DH told the bartender that it was my birthday and she treated us to a free shot each. We were there for a few hours, enjoying the food and drinks and watching sports on the TVs. Caught the end of the Texas game...

Since both DH and I had been drinking, when we were ready to head home, we called a cab.  Better to pay a few dollars for a cab then have all the legal and other stresses of a DUI (or worse).

While DH made sure the house was locked up tight, I went upstairs and undressed down to my panties. DH got himself into more comfortable clothing, and we were ready to begin.

After a few kisses and some groping, DH put the collar and cuffs on me, hands in front again. Then he blindfolded me. There is something about being pretty much at his mercy, unable to see, having my hand movements restricted. I have to trust him to maneuver me safely around the room, help me up and down, etc.

Again the throe was laid down in front of the fireplace and DH guided me over to it. Before having me get down on my knees, DH helped himself to my backside, rubbing and applying a few good spanks. Then he moved around in front of me, pushed me down to me knees and I took his cock into my mouth and began to pleasure him. I could tell from his hardness and his moans that he was very much enjoying my attentions. Then he pulled away, muttering something about 'stay there, I'll be right back.' And he was, with crop in hand. Which of course he began to apply to my ass while I continued to suck and lick him. Blows with the crop were occasionally replaced with slaps to my cheeks. Now, to be honest, I don't really care for the face slaps, and I often worry that I will react in a way that could seriously injure DH ~~ but he likes to do it...

In the middle of all this, DH growled down at me 'fantasize about whatever you want.' My mouth being rather full at the time, I couldn't respond out loud, but I couldn't possibly fantasize about anyone or anything at that time as all I was thinking about was being his completely, in whatever way he wanted me to be.
When DH was ready, he helped me up to me feet and led me to the side of the bed. It was flogging time (yay!). Tonight was ass flogging only, even though my hands were in front and my back was available. And flog he did, over and over ~~ I'm sure that just with the flogging alone we well exceeded the 43 and one to grow on called for in a birthday spanking (add in the cropping and hand spanking and we definitely did). But I wasn't counting, and if he was, it wasn't out loud.

DH is getting much better with his aim ~~ and with listening to my reactions. When a hit went awry... too high, too low, too much to the side, too much in the middle, etc.... I would utter an 'ouch' or 'ow' or 'owie' and DH would adjust his swing so as not to (hopefully) hit that area again. To be even more clear, when a flogging blow is just right, the sound I make is some sort of combination of groan/moan/exhale. DH was listening... he was learning which areas and which type of blows were good, and which weren't so good. I'm so proud of him. He really listened in the workshop when the instructor told the tops they needed to pay attention to what the bottoms were telling them ~~ he never used to listen to my suggestions or pointers.

DH continued flogging until my bottom was very red and very hot ~~ as was another area entirely *grin*. Then it was time to get up on the bed... And you know what happened next... the same thing that always happens at this point... and keeps happening while I scream in release into the bedding... and then DH reaches his release... and we collapse in a sweaty, exhausted, blissed out heap onto the bed.

ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.  sex

It now being very late, we did only minimal clean up before collapsing into bed. We snuggled briefly before finally drifting off to sleep.

So, I had a very nice birthday with my hubby.

The 8th was his birthday. It's up to him, but I'm hoping to get his birthday spanking this weekend :-D

Monday, December 7, 2009

Monday, Monday...

After an uneventful weekend, filled with errands and pain (not the good kind, but some chronic pain I've been suffering with), DH took the day off and we had a fun morning.

Now, it's been over two weeks now, so the details are a little fuzzy, but this is what I remember...

While he took YC to school, I jumped in the shower so I could be nice and clean for him. Then while he jumped in the shower, I relaxed and waited for him. I knew he had mentioned something about getting 'things' ready, but not being sure exactly what 'things' he wanted/what his plans were, I decided not to do anything (okay, there was maybe a wee bit of a 'bratting' thing going on, just to see what might happen).

But he came out of the shower in a good mood and the fun began. 

Turns out DH really likes using the collar and cuffs I mentioned in the last post. So they were put on me, hands in the back initially, but then he decided to have them in front. Now, we don't have a strap that goes around the waist, as in the photo on the last post, so I can move my hands around a bit, but I know that when he's put the set on me that I am not supposed to use my hands unless he tells me to. 

The throe went down in front of the fireplace, DH coated his cock with edible oil and gathering my hair in his fist, guided my mouth onto him. I licked, I sucked, I moved fast, I moved slow, I took him deep, I focused solely on the head, I lightly grated my teeth along the length of the shaft (he loves this) ~~ basically, I did everything I know he likes. And I dutifully kept my hands down and off. 

When DH had enough oral attention, he helped me rise and move over to the side of the bed. It was time for DH to practice his flogging skills. And practice he did, on my back and my bottom (this was why he cuffed my hands in front ~~ access to my back). Stingy hits and thuddy ones, over and over, one side and then the other, me never knowing where or when or how the flogger would hit. For some unknown reason, on this day, I was much more sensitive to the pain of the flogging. There were quite a few times when I wasnt sure if I could handle much more, but while I was pondering, the next strike would hit and usually it wasnt as painful as the one before... so I never asked for him to stop.

There was an odd dichotomy to the experience. In the moment, I was not consciously aroused by the flogging, and there was no sensual or erotic touch intermingled with the blows (something DH needs to work on). But I did enjoy it, the sting or thud of the blow , the pain itself, then the rush of warmth through the area just hit. There was also  satisfaction? Pleasure? Pride? I dont know the word(s) to use to describe what I was feeling as I stayed in the position I was placed in and took every blow from DH without more than a wiggle and maybe an "ouch" at a particularly painful blow.

It became clear how much I did enjoy the flogging when DH indicated it was time to move back to the throe so I could give him to some more oral attention. As I straightened up, I felt the moisture flow out of my pussy and coat my inner thighs. I know I get very wet when aroused, but there had been not even one touch to my labia, clit or cunt ~~ just me performing oral on DH and then being flogged by him.

After only a few moments of oral attention, DH maneuvered me back over the side of the bed, up on all fours, and he thrust into me. I was so wet, there was no need for lube. With only a few thrusts, I was coming, loudly. It was late morning, no kids were home, no reason to muffle my cries in pillows or bedding. I felt him pause as he oiled to my bottom, into my crease and around my back entrance. I fully expected there to be anal. And so did DH... Until he got to feeling sooooo good just doing what he was doing that he didn't want to hold back any longer. And he didnt. I could hear the change in his breathing, feel the faster thrusts and increased engorgement of his cock... Then I felt the heat of his come as it filled my pussy and I came again.

I collapsed down on the bed and he laid me beside me, just enjoying the moment as we caught our breath.

Too soon, it was time to get up and get dressed as we both had work to get to. But there is a promise of other week days spent in fun and games.

(note: for some reason, Blogger or something, wouldnt let me use apostrophes... If I can fix it, I will)