Monday, January 19, 2009

Microfantasy Monday #11

As always, thanks to Ang over at Sweltering Celt.

Maggie thumbed excitedly through the catalogs. Now that their youngest child was finally moving out, John had agreed it was time to refurnish the house. And he had put Maggie in charge, within reason.

She knew that at a minimum they needed new furniture in the kitchen, family room and the master bedroom. Maggie was hoping that the game room in the basement could also get a few new things.

What John didn't know was that Maggie was not only looking at the attractiveness of the furniture but also at their functionality.

Tables had to be sturdy enough to hold their weight ~~ should John ever decide to have his wicked way with her in the kitchen.

At least some of the chairs had to be straight backed and armless ~~ perfect for those over-the-knee spankings John gave her.

Couches needed to be comfy and wide enough that they could easily cuddle together, and more.

A nice ottoman in the family room ~~ just right for kneeling and bending over for spankings, sex, whatever John would dream up.

And the master bedroom... A sturdy four-poster bed with sheer fabric panels for added romance. Maggie fantasized about being tied securely to the posts, spread eagled, at John's mercy. Or maybe she would turn the tables and tie him to the bed.

She giggled with delight as she very carefully picked the furniture that would assist in making her fantasies come true.


Anonymous said...

Lovely. Such devious scheming deserves a few good spankings - or whatever else he can dream up. lol.

Robin said...

We do have a sturdy four-poster bed ~~ I've tied him to it, and he's tied me to it...
And I do find myself looking at furniture and assessing whether they can have multiples uses :D
Now if I could just get the spankings...

Kyle said...

excellent combination of shopping and sex :-)

Miss Honey said...

Love the looking at items of furniture with naughty on the mind. Very nice.

Robin said...

Kyle ~~ Thank you

Miss Honey ~~ Yep, can't look at furniture without wondering...


Anonymous said...

Hi Robin:
Loved your Microfantasy! What a great name. A very creative way to shop for furniture. I am going to rethink how I look for chairs etc.
I also read your It's Sad post, and I too am really sad about what has happened here. I also have the same problem with my non-fantasy posts because I need to leave some crucial information out so that I can feel safe, and then some of my posts feel disjointed to me. It all gets very confusing.
Thanks for sharing, I know I will be back again and again.
Take care

Robin said...

Hi AG, and welcome. Thank you for your kind comments ~~ glad you enjoyed the story. I'm having fun writing them :)
Balancing what we want to share with what is safe to share can sometimes be difficult. Even if I don't think it's something I can fully share, I still usually write it down, just so I can remember.