Monday, July 30, 2007


Had to have a little discussion with DH about spanking evenly. What brought this on, you ask. It was rolling onto my back this morning and feeling pain on the left side only. How did I end up with a painful left cheek and normal right cheek? DH, of course.

Last night, after showering, I was leaning over the my sink brushing my teeth, au natural, when DH strolled in. Now, we have a huge bathroom with our sinks and counters on opposite sides. He really had no reason at all to be on my side, but apparently I presented an incredibly attractive target. He started with his hand, quite strongly. So strongly in fact that after only a few spanks he was complaining that his hand was getting red and sore.

Looking for something else to use, he noticed my hairbrush -- just your average everyday plastic hairbrush (pictured at top). He does have a nice oval wooden hairbrush in his bedside table, but apparently couldn't bear to tear himself away from my backside long enough to get it. I also tried to point out that we do have a wooden bath brush by the tub, but again, no go. DH was absolutely determined to use that brush.

And use it he did, and not lightly. I don't know if it was the brush, the firmness of the spanks, or a combination of the two, but that was definately the most painful spanking to date. Unfortunately, it was not evenly spread over my backside, but focused right on the center of my left butt cheek. He also doesn't seem to understand the term "warm-up spanking."

Unfortunately, in order for DH to practice even spankings, I pay the price (Ok, so it's not all bad). He also got a good laugh out of my complaint, joking how he'd planned it that way so I'd at least have half a butt to sit on while working. I countered that since my desk is in a back high-walled cubicle, no one would see me standing, anyway.
Practice makes perfect :)

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