Sunday, January 13, 2008

Bits & Pieces

Quick update: did not get any the last night I posted. DH was interested Thursday night, but by Thursdays I am so tired... couldn't even keep my eyes open. So no fun until this weekend, and even then it was limited by exhaustion. Oh, well, maybe next weekend, after he gets back from Mexico...

Anybody watch "Power of 10" on CBS? I never had but I happened to catch a bit this past week, just by accident. We have a DVR and usually while exercising, I will watch something previously recorded. I don't know if all DVR's work this way, but when you finish watching a recorded program and select "Done", the menu opens up with a window in a corner showing the show currently airing on the channel the DVR is on. Wednesday I hit "done" and "Power of 10" popped up, just in time for me to hear Drew Carey ask, "What percentage of Americans said they've been spanked as an adult?" And his hand went up as he grinned.

The answer: 13%, with the male contestant guessing 25% and the female contestant guessing 16% (the info on the poll and the breakdown of pollers can be found at the "Power of 10" website). The website lists all the questions and answers for each episode (really, 71% of American men feel that they understand women? Who? Where? When most of the time I don't understand myself, how can I expect a man too? hmmmmm).

Out of curiosity, I ran the numbers, using population data found on Wikipedia (I know it's not necessarily the most accurate):
218,544,291 adults (age 20+) -- 105,739,518 males and 112,804,773 females
13% = 28,410,758
12% of males = 12,688,742
14% of females = 15,792,668
[Can't tell I'm into numbers and analysis and research, can you?]

Obviously, since I like to took at numbers and such, I also like to check out my blog stats on statcounter. And I keep a little record in excel. I was updating these one night and DH asked what I was doing (recording blog stats), then why? (curiosity). His response: "Curiosity killed the cat." And I shot back with no hesitation, "And satisfaction brought it back." Curiosity might as well be my middle name -- wouldn't have found all the wonderful blogs and sites out there, or started my own, or talked to hubby about my spanking interests if not for curiosity. Curiosity is what keeps things going -- what's around the bend, over that hill, in that book, in that TV show, under that rock, up that tree, and on and on.

Saw another new show this weekend: "How to Look Good Naked." As a well-padded woman, I found this inspiring. So far, my favorite quote was from Carson Kressly: "0 is not a size; it's a warning." Now, no offense to anyone out there who is a size 0 and comes by it naturally, but you are in the minority. Most women come nowhere close to that size and should not be made to feel miserable because they aren't. Yes, I need to be at a healthier weight, but a positive attitude about my body as it is now is beneficial.

Fun websites: Orisinal games

The weather's dreary, it's back to work tomorrow, Hubby heads off for the week, and the laundry's not done. Just another Sunday in winter. I do plan on updating my list of blogs I read, as there are many more I check out regularly than are currently listed. Gotta love RSS feeds -- make it so much easier to keep up with new posts. And tomorrow's a brand new day...


Buhba said...

Wishing you a happy MLK Day...Keep up the good work, Buhba

ThinkPink said...

For a screen shot from "Power of 10", check here:

Robin said...

Hi Bubha,
Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Unfortunately MLK Day was still a work day...

Hi thinkpink,
Thanks for the link. Definitely will be checking out your blog.