Friday, October 5, 2007


Thank goodness it's Friday. Just in general, I am usually so tired by the time I get to Friday that it's all I can do to get through work, let alone think about dinner. So my sweet hubby ordered pizza for the kids and then brought a slice up to me and shared his last hot wing with me, too.

To make the exhaustion worse, it's that time of the month, just in time for the weekend and our Saturday play night. Not exactly sure how things will play out tomorrow night -- I expect we'll still go out, and am hoping for a spanking, but we'll have to see what happens next (I'm guessing anal). And tomorrow is the last Saturday before DH spends the next 3 weeks travelling -- he'll be home for the next two weekends, but not the last weekend of the month. But even when he's home on the weekends, when he's been travelling he's so worn out that the weekends are pretty much taken up with recovering. Perfect period timing, not.

So, what do you do when it's that time of the month? Something about knowing that we "can't" (okay, more like neither of us really want to for a few days), just makes us want sex even more. So last night we're both horny. It started for me as I was reading a few blog postings, then while snuggling with DH, he switched from baseball to some soft porn movie we had recorded on the DVR (this DVR is connected only to the TV in our room, so the kids aren't likely to stumble across it), and made us both crazy horny. He started caressing me, insisted I stroke him, then he moved his hand down and started rubbing my clit, and before you know it he'd come and then I'd come, and we were able to fall asleep.

Another question: Do you watch porn? We don't that much, and to be honest, most of it is so cheesy and fakey that I just can't enjoy it (we will actually critique it, not very arousing). I prefer a good story with good acting, good sets, and production values, AND good sex. Nothing irritates me more when an actor, supposedly in the middle of mindblowing sex, turns to look dead on at the camera. I have found some foreign films (not porn, per se) with all of the above, but not much domestic (we both like the "Eyes of Desire" movies by Candida Royalle). So, we signed up with a rental company that delivers to your home, I've checked out reviews, and we've ordered some movies that are highly recommended as not only having good sex in them, but also meet my other criteria. I'll have to let you know. We received the first one yesterday, and since it has a spanking theme, I think we may have to watch it tomorrow during our play time.


Bonnie said...

Hi Robin!

I believe when it comes to periods, Murphy's Law is strictly enforced. We have certainly played during those times, but it often seems like more trouble than it's worth.

As for porn, the vanilla variety does nothing for me. I'm willing to accept that I've never seen "the good stuff," but that's what I think. I'd much rather participate than watch.

We own several spanking-related titles. Some really do it for me. Others don't. I am fond of Shadow Lane films, though I'm sure other companies also offer quality products as well.

I hope your weekend plans work out for you.


Finn McCool said...

What's not to love about porn? It asks so little and yet gives so much!

To tie into something else from your post, porn is like pizza, it's always pretty good.

Robin said...

Period usually means hands-off for us too, but this month had extenuating circumstances.
As for the porn, it's more a DH thing, but sometimes it can be a turn on for me too, but so much of it I find unappealing. It's difficult, so far, finding something we both enjoy.

I know my DH agrees with you (otherwise he wouldn't have so many movies stashed around).

buhba said...

Have you seen Le Fesse? It's French( DUH ) and is very good. It's a full length spanking movie with intercourse. I believe it was made in the late 70's, early 80's maybe. I have it on my hard drive if your interested. Buhba P.S. It's not subtitled so it's educational also.

Robin said...

You've piqued my curiosity. We've only just started looking at movies that include spanking and/or BDSM, & as I said in my post I'm rather picky.
In general, I enjoy French films. So this might be a good film to see. Thanks for the suggestion.

buhba said...

Glad to hear it. Let me know what you think if you view it. Thanks, Buhba....P.S. I believe it's La Fesse not Le Fesse.