Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Silly, Funny Spanking

After last night my youngest is obviously going to have the idea that daddy spanking mommy is funny and silly.

I was teasing her last night while fixing dinner. She had her back to me and I reached over and pinched her little bum. Since the dog was right next to her (the puppy that thinks my daughter’s a chew toy) she immediately assumed he had nipped her so yelled out his name. I started laughing. Unfortunately, the little one is extremely (overly) sensitive and my laughing led her to start pouting and making these horrid noises. I managed to cajole her out of the funk and everything was moving along just fine. Until daddy came home.

Mean mommy that I am, I had to tell daddy the whole silly story, while she was in the room (my mistake, I should have waited till DH and I were alone). The pouting and noises started again. Both DH and I started telling her that her reaction to the teasing was unacceptable, but we got no where. That’s when DH asked, “Do you want me to spank mommy?” in a way that makes it obvious that this is all fun and games. Well, of course she does; I’ve just upset her and seeing me get “punished” for it only seems right.

I was standing on the opposite of the kitchen island from DH and the little rugrat. DH walks around the island and gives me one swat. I start laughing – couldn’t help it. He looks at her and says, “should I spank her more?” The little monster nods, so now my other cheek gets a sharp crack from his hand. And this continued, DH asking if he should spank me more, and her nodding (with a smile that was getting ever larger), until I received about 6 spanks, and was laughing so hard I was crying. DH was laughing. So was the little one. (The older two were in the adjoining family room through all this, in sight and sound of the spectacle.)

So not a wild, erotic spanking episode, but fun and silly.


Bonnie said...


Sometimes fun and silly is just right! Thanks for sharing your story.


Robin said...

Thanks for reading and commenting, Bonnie.

Anonymous said...

Cute story, but as a spanko mom, whatare your feelings about your own children being spankos particularly if there is some sort of spanko gene that creates an orientation that can be triggered? Do you think even this sort of play/fun spanking might serve as a trigger? What are your feelings about that possibility?

Robin said...

Quite frankly, given the years I wasted 'hiding' my spanko/submissive needs, I hope my public play with their dad helps them accept their own spanko tendencies as ok. Only time will tell.