Monday, October 1, 2007

Making up is fun to do

DH and I have made up. I was still up when he came home Friday night (really early Saturday morning) and we talked and snuggled and had a make-up quickie.

Saturday night has become our date night, but this Saturday we decided to stay in, watch TV, drink some wine and really make up. While DH napped, I showered, got snacks and got the kids to bed. By the time I was done, he was up.

We watched some TV, regular movies, and some porn, had some red one and got things started. As usual I was snuggled up next to DH and he took my hand and guided it down to his already hard cock. He then started caressing my body, moving his hand down until to my pussy. Finding my panties in the way, I was instructed to remove them. Then he began touching me in earnest. It wasn't long till I was instructed to roll over onto my stomach -- you know what that means ... spanking time! After several warming spanks with his hand, DH decided it was time to kick things up a notch. He got off the bed and he told me to get into position (bent over pillows with knees at the edge of the bed). DH used his hands, the leather paddle, and the hairbrush. He'd give me several spanks, hard, then pause and caress, kiss, lick, finger, etc. At one point he even poured wine on my butt then licked it off. The contrast of cold wine on warmed butt, followed by warm tongue -- wow! He also did more of the love bites, so intense.

I don't necessarily do really well with the holding still and being quiet during a spanking. I've never yet had the urge to throw my hands back in an attempt to protect myself, and DH can spank VERY hard. So I was ordered more than once to be quiet (especially after repeated utteringsof "ouch") and to get back into position (when he hits that extremely sensitive area between the legs, I just cannot stay in position).

We've discovered that when I am in this position, with my legs off the bed, DH can stand right at my feet while spanking me, and I can use my feet to pleasure him. He even oiled up his cock so it would slide easier between my feet.

Hubby was in fine form Saturday night. Got my bottom good and hot, and my pussy good and wet, and then he was thrusting into me. He gets me so aroused, knows all the right things to do, that it doesn't take me long at all to orgasm. And the more he keeps thrusting into me, the more orgasms I have. When it's a Saturday night spanking date, I usually can't even keep count of them all I'm so lost in all the sensations.

And lately, a spanking seems to mean we're also going to have anal sex, and that night was no different. I always know this is what DH intends when he starts pouring oil all over my butt. He rubs it all over my cheeks and then down my crack, making sure he also coats his cock well. If you've never had anal, I don't know if I can adequately describe it. There's stretching, sometimes with pain (although not this night), a sense of being filled, and when he starts thrusting, I feel it all as tingles all along my spine up to the nape of my neck. I also feel it in my pussy, it seems to swell and throb even more, and as he thrusts ever harder and faster, balls bang into my clit and how can I not have a screaming orgasm with all those intense sensations flooding through my body. And as long as he doesn't come, and keeps thrusting into me, I will keep coming, until I'm almost delirious from the experience.

And we always end with lots of snuggling and cuddling, till we drift off to sleep.

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