Thursday, October 18, 2007

DH Knows

Well, DH knows I'm blogging. He doesn't quite understand 'blogging' but he understands that I am writing personal stuff and putting it on the Internet.

About a month ago I had mentioned that I was sure DH didn't know about this blog (Spanking Fanatic? Moi?). I was right -- he was basically clueless. But I thought he knew and was reading it but not saying anything to me (I don't know why he wouldn't say anything).

Why did I think this? Because of some of the information showing up in StatCounter. I was seeing hits in the morning from an IP/ISP that looked suspiciously like what I would think his work address would look like (and the referring link was suspicious, too). Then when he was out of town for work, in the late evening (when he'd be back in his hotel) I'd get hits from where he was.

And then little comments he made about 'red bottom' and 'readaholic' -- both terms that I associate with this blog.

So I'm going a little nuts, thinking he knows, but why isn't he saying anything, hashing over my posts trying to decide if I've said anything that he might be upset about. But I'm hoping it's not him, just a massive coincidence. So I kept track again when he went out of town, and the same thing happened -- no 'local' hits but 'travel' hits.

This past Saturday, while we were out, after a little liquid courage, I got the nerve up to say something to him. And it's not him! But now he's bugged out that someone he may know through work is reading what I write here. And it's not like he can go around asking if someone is reading his wife's spanking and sex blog ;D

And he's travelling again, and this time we're not seeing the pattern. So, we don't know, I don't want to know, don't really care who it is. Not likely I'm ever going to come into contact with them. I've tried to be careful on here to only give my name, no info about where we live (other than U.S.), where we work, family names, anything that might easily lead anyone to us.

And DH has decided he does not want to read my blogs, doesn't want to even know what they're called or what their addresses are. He has decided this because he is afraid that he might read something I've written that may upset or anger him. I have mixed feelings about this; if he reads it might help him understand me better, but if he doesn't like what I've written then I'm in for it. Oh, well. If he changes his mind and asks me, I'll give him the addresses.


Buhba said...

Wow, that's freaky! But also kinda exciting. Ya think? After all that, you don't think it might still be him and he doesn't want to confront some of the issues that your blog present? Just an observation, Buhba

Robin said...

Believe me that has crossed my mind, but I honestly don't have any evidence to support the idea that DH is that good at lying. If he has lied to me about anything major, I've never caught him, so have no real reason to doubt him.
If it is him and he just doesn't want to deal, well, ok then.

buhba said...

Point taken, sounds like you're OK with the situation and that's good. Thanks for responding, Buhba

Robin said...

There is a part of me that wishes he was reading (as long as he didn't throw fits). We have a tendency to communicate better through writing (emails) than face to face when the issue may be upsetting for one or the other of us. I can't help think that if he read what I wrote here, he might understand me better than I've been able to express myself verbally.

john said...

Why not tell him, you love blogging. Maybe he loves to read, maybe not, that's up to him. I don't see the problem. Everone has the right to write down his or hers feelings.

Robin said...

I wish it were so simple. I tried to explain the not telling, etc in today's post.
Thanks for commenting. I appreciate it.