Monday, October 8, 2007

Recent Stats

Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone who visits, to those of you who come back, and especially to you who comment and/or email me. While I started writing this blog as a way for me to express myself and a way to try and sort out my thoughts and feelings about submissiveness and spankings, I'm truly amazed that there are people out there who are interested in what I have to say.

I recently saw a quote from Ray Bradbury that really sums up why I write, have to write, regardless of what I write (not only this blog): You must stay drunk on writing so reality cannot destroy you.

Mainly for fun and out of curiosity, I use StatCounter to keep track of the number of visits, where visitors come from, and how they find me. (The counter itself is under my avatar.)

Since I've started keeping this blog regularly updated, I've made 21 posts (including this one) and have had over 4000 visits. You, my guests, come from 53 countries with the top 3 being: U.S. 63%; U.K. 10%; and Canada 6%. You come from huge metropolitan areas to small country towns; places I've visited, passed through, or lived, places I know about, places I want to visit, and places I've never heard of; you visit for a long while or just look and leave. You find me through other bloggers who have linked to me (My Bottom Smarts, All Things Spanking, Cherry Red Report, sub nouveau, Juno Henry), through websites (Spanking Art Wikipedia), and through search engines.

I really enjoy looking at the keywords that bring people to my blog. Beyond the basic "spank" and it's various versions, some of them just naturally lead me to want to comment on them, so here I go:

backsides bruised from spanking -- I have only one backside, and yes, it's been bruised by a spanking

big red bottom -- yes, it's big, too big, but it's only red when DH gets done with it

daughter has spankable butt -- ok, maybe she does, but I really don't think about it, and can't really remember the last time either daughter was spanked

dh submissive spank -- nope, I'm the submissive, not DH, so he spanks me, I don't spank him (although when he's having one of his rants, it does cross my mind)

I spanked my sisters bum -- nope, not ever, don't ever plan to

my husbands spanked me for punishment -- husbands? more than one? how does that work?

red bottom from spanking stories -- the stories make me want a red bottom, but unless DH prints them out, rolls them, and uses them to spank me...

spanking england -- that's rather a large goal, will your spanking arm hold up to the task?

autumn 2007 england's best logic puzzles -- I really hope this person was trying to find my blog, otherwise this would have been a big surprise

lexus dent and frying implements -- same as above, what a shock to find a spanking blog if you're looking for car repairs or cookware

spankability -- there's just something about this word :)

spanking robin -- I hope this means you really were looking for my blog and not some other Robin out there who gets spanked :)

Miscellaneous others: red bum spanking movies; hot red bottom spanked; red bottom spanking; spanking daddy bottom; red bottom hairbrush wife; red butt spanking; red bottom day; spanking silly; spanking express; very small bottom bending over; turned on by spanking; good sex

A final note: Please don't be afraid to comment or email me, I respond to everyone, just not always same day (I work and have a family). I love knowing that people read, and hopefully, connect with what I write here.


buhba said...

Very funny post! I really enjoyed the lead-in. Thanks and keep up the good work, Buhba

Robin said...

Gotta say, I really enjoy getting comments. Knowing people read is nice, but getting to interact, even through comments, makes me feel like what I have to say has value.
Thanks for all the commenting.