Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Monday Fun

After my last post, I decided to take matters into my own hands, literally.

I made sure all the kids were in bed on time. I had exercised and cleaned up and got ready for bed.

When DH came in, I snuggled up to him. And gently began to caress him -- stomach, chest, thighs, legs, hips. Everywhere but 'there.' Eventually, he caught on and began to caress me in return. Usually, caressing by DH includes spanks, and such was the situation Monday night, after asking me if I wanted a spanking. I didn't say it, but thought, 'well, duh.' I did mention how his teasing Sunday night left me hot and bothered, and it just wasn't nice to leave me in that condition.

So we kissed and caressed and stroked and spanked until DH told me to remove my panties. I decided to do a little 'teasing' of my own while removing them -- I got on my knees, back to DH, and very slowly slid them down, while presenting my backside to him, with a few wiggles and back thrusts thrown in for good measure (DH loves my butt; he tells me this all the time -- I think his biggest worry if I were to ever lose my excess weight is that my butt will disappear). It wasn't long till DH was good and hard and I was good and wet, at which time I was told to get in position (on hands and knees at the edge of the bed). And I'm thinking, as I hasten to obey, 'Oh, goody, spanking time.'

Yep, yep, yep. And all hand. Not as long or as hard as I would have liked, but some deliberate spanking is much better than none at all. And it was a weeknight with work the next day, so I really couldn't expect something too long and drawn out .

And of course, no spanking is really complete (at least for us) unless it includes lots of caressing, kissing, licking, and fingering of various parts of my anatomy and is followed immediately by sex. Monday was no exception. DH caressed and kissed and licked my bottom, and caressed and stroked and fingered my pussy, and then he replaced his fingers with his cock. I am one of those rare and lucky women who can orgasm during intercourse without any direct clitoral stimulation (according to scientists only 30% can), so I did, orgasm, 3 times, I think. I get so lost in the sensations of sex, the in and out thrusts, the speed, the force, the press of DH's body against mine, that I can find it very difficult to keep count -- the number doesn't really matter to me, but it does to DH so I try to keep count.

DH would have liked to finish with anal, but not really being in the mood, I refused him. Sometimes, I just don't feel like it. DH seemed to be okay with my decision, as he kept thrusting, keeping me in that lovely sexual fog until he reached his peak and filled me with his special gift. (Ok, I know it's silly and flowery and trite, but I'm trying not to be too crude).

And after, we snuggled as we came down from our high and relaxed before going to sleep.

I got to mention to him how I had heard Dr. Oz on Oprah state that people should strive to have sex at least 4 times a week for optimal health (solo sex doesn't count, only partner sex). When he's home, we come pretty darn close. Unfortunately, he's out of town again (back on Friday, for the weekend), will be all next week including the weekend, and the following week he'll be home but we have a special project at work requiring extra long days starting at 4:30 a.m (I am so not a morning person). I don't anticipate much fun over the next few weeks. Darn it!

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