Monday, October 15, 2007

Teasing is Not Nice

I don't think I do any 'bratting' behaviours and when asked, DH says that in his opinion I don't. So, that being said, I'm starting to feel a little bratty.

Why, you ask.

Because DH is a teaser.

It's sooooooooo frustrating. He makes spanking comments, he gives a few good swats, and that's it.

Saturday play was limited as we were both too tired to get too worked up. And no action on Sunday, although there was teasing talk. About how would he reward me for exercising regularly (a good girl spanking); what would he do if I didn't keep up with the exercising (a bad girl spanking); a lot of 'masterspeak'; a random swat here and there.

And then last night, as I lay curled on my side, back to DH, he reached over and gave me several very firm spanks. I've got a Pavlovian response thing going on when he starts hand spanking me, especially in that position -- there is an immediate and strong reaction in my pussy. I can feel it immediately start swelling and with each spank I get wetter and more aroused. I know I am pushing my bottom back in expectation of the next spank. And I am really enjoying this, and he knows it.

And then he stops, rolls over, and goes to sleep. (I am constantly amazed at how quickly he can do that).


I am now totally frustrated, and left with no choice but to take care of myself, as quietly and as still as possible, otherwise I will not be able to relax and fall asleep.

This was not the first time this has happened, and I'm sure it won't be the last. If DH is too tired to follow through, I wish he wouldn't even start. Drives me crazy. And if he's thinking a spanking and sex is too much work, then, heck, I'd settle for just the sex, to take the edge off. And it can be a straight forward quickie, no bells and whistles.

This frustration is what is leading to thoughts of bratting. The reason I haven't yet bratted (besides the fact that I don't consider it appropriate behavior for a grown woman -- another post, another time) is that I'm not convinced it would lead to the desired outcome -- a well spanked, very hot, very red bottom and intense sex.

Maybe, if it doesn't get too late, I can convince DH that a little 'play time' before sleep would be good, very good.

Now if I can just getting to follow through, and turn his teasing into reality.

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