Monday, February 18, 2008

Weekend & Days 11, 12, 13, & 14

I'd love to be able to regale you with the details of our hot and spankful weekend -- but I'd be lying. Seriously. As far as spankings and sex went, this weekend was a bust (ok, there was sex-- 2 quickies, that's it). DH was just too tired from all his travelling and time change and I was worn out from my week+ as a single parent. So we did chores (bought a dryer, did the grocery shopping, cleaned house, did laundry) and rested (I dozed, DH napped) and went to bed early. Saturday we didn't even do date night, and had the TV and the lights off before 1opm. And this week I have 3 days of meetings at a location 2 hours away, so I will have to leave earlier than usual and will be getting home later -- joy. And based on previous similar meetings, there will be a whole lot of "hurry up and wait" going on. Just great. I can feel the migraine already. So don't expect much from me this week. Sorry.

Anyway, since I don't have any weekend stories to share, here's my take on days 11, 12, 13, & 14 for Romantic Spanking Month.

Day 11 – Bend over the arm of the couch

This is something I would like to try. Unfortunately, in our day to day life it’s just not likely to happen. We have kids and they’re usually home when we’re home, so all our “action” occurs in our bedroom, with the door closed and the TV on. And while we have couches in the house, the way they are situated pretty much blocks the arms.
Hmmm, this might be something we could try on a night spent in a hotel…

Dec 12 – Pick an implement not designed for spanking

Oh, yes, can do, and have done often. Most of what we use are “pervertables” – hairbrush, bathbrush, belt, shoe, wooden spoons, etc. – not usually purchased for spanking (the bath brush being the exception here). Yet, somehow they end up being used to redden my backside.

Day 13 – Talk about spankings

DH and I don’t do this a whole lot. Generally, because I’m not really comfortable bringing the topic up; I never know what his reaction is going to be. I’ve found that the less I mention them, the more he does, at least in passing (or while we’re snuggled in bed and his hand finds my bottom) and not seriously. I do wish he’d be more willing to talk about them – what we’d like to try, what works and what doesn’t, what we each need/expect from a spanking – another thing to work on…

Day 14 – Show your lover how much you care

You all saw the “card” I sent to DH for Valentine’s – with him in France and me in the U.S., physical demonstration was not going to happen. And DH showed me how he cared by calling me and sending me a beautiful bouquet of flowers.
While Valentine’s (and birthdays, anniversary, and other ‘holidays’) are good incentive to show love, I really try not to limit myself but let DH know as often as possible how much either love him, either by word or deed.


Anonymous said...

Sorry that it was a slow weekend... or is it weakend? Anyway, hopefully the coming one will be better. We're really enjoying your 'Romantic Spanking Month' posts. Great idea!

Todd & Suzy

Robin said...

Hi Todd & Suzy,
Thank you visiting and commenting. Hoping this weekend gives me something to write about -- too early to tell.
Glad you're ending my posts based on the calendar. Because of the crazy week, I didn't get any more up, but will work on it this week.