Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day

DH gets home tomorrow, but I couldn't let Valentine's Day pass unrecognized, so late last night I created a loving letter and emailed it to him. I knew he'd get it first thing this morning, well before I'd be up. He called me as I was dropping YC off at child care. He sounded pretty amazed.
Thought I'd share it with you.

Things I love about you
That you love me, even after all these years (and all the weight)
Clock Scale
That you (most of the time) get my wicked wit

How you smile when we’re sharing a look (usually about something silly a child has done)
Holding Hands
That you’re a mushy drunk and not a mean one
Drinking Red Wine
That you’re willing to spank me
That you try to (sometimes) get all Dom with me
That you work so hard to take care of us
At Desk
That you put up with my eccentricities
Current Mood - Giggly
That you try to understand me
Question Mark
That you are confident and sure of yourself (without being arrogant or cocky)
That we fit so well together – and not just physically
Yin Yang
That you’ll make sure I come first and in the middle, and sometimes last
That you don’t realize just how much power you do have over me
That you’re loving and playful
That you try to be a good father and a good husband
That you cook for yourself and for us
Cooking Dinner
That you help out with the housework (and sometimes do the major amount)
How we can laugh so much together, sometimes over the silliest things
How we can snuggle and watch TV together before going to sleep
TV 1
How supportive you are of me and the things I like to do (even if you don’t get it)
What The F***?
That you tell me that you love what I can do to you with my hands and mouth
That you still pay me compliments

I know I can think of more, but this should do, for now.

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