Sunday, February 10, 2008

Romantic Spanking Month -- Day 2 (cont)

Tie Her Up, Tie Her Down -- cont.

DH entered our room and saw me waiting. A huge grin crossed his face. "You want some action tonight, don't you? Show me what you're wearing." I shifted the robe down so he could see the corset and the upper tattoo. We kissed and caressed, and I told DH I was his toy for the night, to play with me. DH went to change. When he came back, he checked out all the items I'd set out on the bed, taking some of the massage oil and applying it to my backside (but not before commenting on the 'tattoo' there, although he interpreted the 'naughty' as 'love'). After choosing the oils, etc. that he wanted to use, he had me remove my robe and lean over the edge of the bed. The stilettos allowed me to stretch my legs out straight and keep my feet on the floor for support. And then the entirely unsolicited hand spanking started. DH covered both cheeks, top to bottom, pausing now and then to rub, squeeze, caress and apply more oil (obviously managing somewhere in there to remove my panties). And of course all this attention was arousing me, especially when he spanked in that certain area, down low, towards the center, that sends warm swirls through to the front. Not all the spanking was by hand -- he also used the dreaded bath brush -- he loves to see me squirm and try to get away.

During a pause in the spanking, I managed to suggest to DH that he try some bondage, pointing out the beginner's kit on the bed. He questioned what to do and I simply put my hands together at the small of my back. DH took the hint and bound my wrists together -- not too tightly; in fact, I probably could have gotten loose had I really wanted to. Once he was finished with the ties, the spanking continued, alternating between hand and bath brush. I think his hand is my favorite 'implement' while the bath brush is my absolute least favorite (I think I've made that fairly clear -- I've seriously contemplated making it disappear, but know he would quickly notice). I could feel things warming up nicely from his hand, mixed with the sharp pain from the bath brush.

DH then paused again, going around to my bedside table to retrieve one of my 'toys'. With my hands behind my back, I was face down on the bed, unable to see what exactly DH was doing, and unable to see which toy he was getting. But I did hear it buzzing as he walked back to me, giving me a pretty good idea which one he’d chosen (yes, I have more than one, they’re all different). He told me to get up on the bed, on my knees. Geez, but this is hard to do with your hands tied behind your back. I had to strain to get upright, then lift my knees up onto the bed, then flop forward (not at all graceful) to get my bottom up as DH likes it. And then he started rubbing my toy on me, around my bottom, down the crack, around the front to my clit, and then inside. With DH directly behind me, his legs brushed against mine, and I could feel that he’d completely undressed. I have no idea when – face down and in the spanking/sex mindset I never noticed. DH skillfully wielded my toy, in and out, with just the right pressure on just the right spot. I could feel the pressure build, and it was driving me crazy. I hadn’t realized how much I used my hands during orgasm, to clutch at blankets or pillows or DH, to support and move my body. (Having my hands bound behind me really forced me to just let go, to not fight or try to control anything that was going on. Something I’m going to have to think about…). And I came, multiple times.

By this time, DH was more than ready. He positioned himself and entered me, hard. Don’t know what it was – remembering the blowjob, the dress up, the spanking, the bondage, the toy – but it was more than DH could stand. He came so quickly, but not without pushing me over the edge, again. And to make up for the less than lengthy intercourse, he took the toy to me again. By the time he’d decided I’d had enough, I was exhausted and lay limp on the bed.

DH unbound my wrists and I scooted myself more securely onto the bed. We lay there next to each other, cuddling and caressing while we relaxed and came down from our sexual high.


Anonymous said...

i would like to see how it would feel to be spanked by a pretty woman who knew how to use a hairbrush on my bare bottom.

Robin said...

I sincerely hope your wish will come true.