Monday, February 11, 2008

Days 3 & 4 + some other stuff

Dear Readers -- Down at the very end of this post I've asked a question that I really would like to receive answers to, if you're willing. And I thank you in advance.

Day 3 -- Read some new spanking blogs

Did this, using Bonnie’s Kindred Spirits list to provide some guidance/inspiration.

A Taste of the Birch
ABC’s of My Life
I’m Her Husband Not Another Father

I’ve added the feeds from all three to my feeds list so I can more easily keep up with them. I like that ABC’s and Husband are written by wife and husband, respectively. For whatever reason, women seem to be more into writing about what goes on with their lives while the men seem to be a little more reticient. It’s nice to get the male and female perspectives.

Day 4 – It don’t mean a thing if it ain’t got that sting

So this night, we were basically going for the plain old vanilla (as we define it) action. Being a Monday, we’d both had work that day and were going to have to get up the next morning and do it all again (work, not sex *sigh*). So no fancy dress up or laying out of accessories, just undressing and going at it with the TV on in the background.

DH was watching a recorded Leno and I snuggled up next to him. Hands started moving – mine over him, his over me. Kissing, caressing, stroking, squeezing. I do believe there were a few swats at my backside *grin*, but nothing I would classify as a spanking. DH requested some oral attention, so I removed myself from the bed to kneel at his feet. Besides me on my hands and knees during sex, this would be DH’s favorite position to see me in.

Keeping in mind that this day was needing some sting, I managed to reach over to DH’s bedside table and rummage in the drawers to find a certain toy – a red rubber multi-strand whip. DH doesn’t use this one often, but I really like it when he does – it’s got a lovely thud/sting combo going on. A pleasurable thud/sting, unlike some other implements he uses fairly regularly. I handed it to him and he used it lightly, mainly over my shoulders and back as he was finding it difficult to reach further down.

DH tossed the whip onto the bed then helped me up and into his favorite position. And then, well, you know… the usual – enter, thrust, orgasm-me, orgasm-him, relax onto bed.

Then I had myself a bit of fun.

DH went into the bathroom, to do whatever he needed to do. And instead of shifting my position (as he’d requested), I stayed sideways across the bed, blocking DH’s spot. A calculated risk, as the whip was next to me on the bed. When he came out and saw me still where he’d left me, he was less than pleased. He again told me to move. I looked up over my shoulder and clear as day told him, “Make me.” He responded with, “I just wish I could.”

Now, I can’t say with any certainty who looked at the whip first. All I know is that he saw it, knew what to do, picked it up and applied it heartily to my backside. Ahhh, such lovely heat, such lovely sting. Didn’t take too many strikes before I was giggling and scrambling out of the way, onto my side of the bed, to his remarks about doing as he says, being in trouble, etc.

What wonderful, lovely (and sting-y) fun.

And the other stuff

Yesterday while at the store I was looking at Valentine cards for DH. Saw a couple that had me laughing in the middle of the aisle and getting odd looks from the kiddies. Keep in mind I'm paraphrasing as I don't have the cards in question.

1st card--

Front -- I've got an idea for a different way to play Texas Hold 'Em...

Inside -- ... I'll go get the rope.

2nd card --

Front -- I went to one of those stores where you can make the special 'bears'...

Inside -- They threw me out after I added the handcuffs and the black leather whip. (Accompanied by a picture of a teddie bear with cuffs on the wrists and ankles, holding handcuffs in the right paw and a whip in the left)

Got a couple of sexy ones for DH. We just don't do the mushy sentimental cards -- just can't. Not that we don't love each other and tell each other this, but those cards are just so not us. Ok, well, they're DH after he's had a few drinks (he's a mushy drunk *said with love*).

And had an interesting conversation with DH today. I was out running errands during my lunch hour. He called and of course I had left my phone in the car (duh). So I called him back, and over an absolutely horrid echo, had the following basic conversation.

DH: Where are you?

Me: out running errands.

DH: What errands?

I ran down the list, even able to say "I did too" when he commented that I probably hadn't done something he'd asked me to do. After which I said, "I've been such a good girl today, I think I should get a reward."

DH: Go give yourself a spanking.

Me: [laughing] That's no fun!

DH laughed too then went on with the conversation. (wait, wait, wait -- a little background is needed before this part. Back on the 3rd I was a sneaky little minx and went on to My Bottom Smarts on DH's iPhone [looking at the Romantic Spanking Month calendar] and then did not exit all the way out before handing it back to him. I did this purposely -- I knew this meant that the next time he went on line with his phone, MBS would be staring out at him. And the next day while at work, he called to ask what was I looking at, was that some spanking stuff, etc. I answered in the affirmative and that was the end of it --- I thought....)

DH: I was looking at that spanking website, the one that is red, that you had on my iPhone.

Me: [silence... really how am I supposed to respond to that?]

DH: What does [ ] D mean?

It was not a perfect connection, lots of static with a bad echo, so I thought he was asking about BDSM and said what that stands for.

DH: No. DD.

Me: DD? Domestic Discipline.

DH: OK. That's right. [ok, apparently this was a trick question since he already knew the answer -- now I can't help wondering why the test] I googled it to find out what it meant. Domestic Discpline means there's spankings but it's not sex?

Me: Different people practice it differently. For some people, there's sex no matter what kind of spanking it was.

And that was pretty much the end of the conversation. I'm guessing he checked out a few of the Kindred Spirits from MBS in order to find mention of DD.

And yes, I realize, and did at the time, that by leaving MBS up for DH to find, he might, just might, if he really took a look at the blog, notice over in the Kindred Spirits listing a blog called Robin's Red Bottom, make the not so difficult deduction that this could be his wife's blog, and check it out. Only now, knowing that he has been checking things out, there's a wee bit of panic coursing through my system.

Now big question (and please, please answer, either through comments of email) -- Do you think I've blogged anything that DH might take horrible offense at? That might upset him terribly?

I know I've occasionally complained about something going on with us, but overall what I've written has been positive, loving and supportive -- right? (pleadingly)


Bonnie said...

Hi Robin!

I'm delighted to see that you two are enjoying our romantic spanking calendar. We've tried some of the suggestions, but it's difficult to not fall behind (as it were).

Anyhow, I love the iPhone idea. What fun!

As for what you've written, I haven't seen anything awful, but I can tell you from first hand experience that writing about spankings is often grounds for another spanking. Such is the life of a spanko blogger...

I look forward to hearing how the rest of your month progresses.


Robin said...

Hi Bonnie,
Your calendar has some great ideas, but life intervenes... DH gets back on Friday and I'm hoping for some fun this weekend. And even if I don't actually get to do the suggestions, I can still think and write about them.

If only my blogging would lead to more spankings *sigh*. Of course, after thinking about our conversation yesterday, I found myself falling asleep to "stupid girl, stupid, stupid, stupid" running through my mind. Leaving MBS up was a way to get him to do some research on his own, but I really didn't fully think through how he might find my blog. But, then again, he might not...

Time will tell.