Monday, February 4, 2008

Romantic Spanking Month -- Days 1 & 2

Bonnie posted this calendar on her blog, My Bottom Smarts. And I've decided to give as many suggestions as possible a try and post about it here. Bonnie comes up with such great ideas.

Feb 1 -- Buy a new implement.
I seriously considered this, but didn't do so. Two reasons -- weather was too bad for me to make a lunch time run to any nearby stores that might carry an implement we don't currently have; and we haven't lately been using the ones we already have so didn't feel I could truly justify it. I did look online and found some possibles. I may still purchase something later this month.

Feb 2 -- Tie her up, tie her down (part 1).
DH and I have never, til this past Saturday night, incorporated any sort of bondage in any of our play (not for lack of suggestions by either of us, or purchases of beginner's kits). But with this calendar as incentive, I did what I could to make it happen.

Saturday night was date night, and I was determined to make things happen. Last week I just felt too miserable, then it was period week so no action, and DH leaves this Thursday and doesn't come back til the 15th, so we needed some serious us time. And I got things started before we even left the house.
We'd been napping, resting up for the evening. When we woke, I reached over and started caressing hubby, stroking and squeezing, doing whatever it took to get him hard and ready. Then I leaned over and took him into my mouth. Based on the physical and verbal responses I was getting, DH was really enjoying this unasked for oral attention. We were both fully clothed, and I was positioned so that DH could at least rub and caress my bottom while I switched from mouth to hand and back again. He did make comments about if I kept this action up, he was going to have to fuck me. I just continued paying undivided attention to his hard, hot cock. A couple of times I could tell he was getting close to coming -- I backed off, but continued stroking and squeezing. He asked me if I wanted him to come, or if I wanted him to wait till later. I didn't answer; he could stop me at anytime, if that was what he really wanted. Apparently, it wasn't :D. It didn't take too much more oral attention before I heard his breathing change and felt his cock get even harder. And he came as I continued to suck and lick until he was finished. DH couldn't tell me enough how much he had liked his surprise, and would like it if I did such things more often (surprise -- not).
Then we showered and got ready to go out. Out of DH's view I applied some spray glimmer 'tattoos' (upper left breast was "nice" in a heart, and right bottom cheek was "naughty") and put on a corset with matching panties. Weather unfortunately was not appropriate for stillettos (or heels of any sort), and they probably would have been too painful for wearing out. I like surprising him with these little teasers while we're out.
After dinner and a few drinks, we came home. While DH made sure everything was closed up and turned off for the night, I rushed upstairs, stripped down to the corset, put on the stillettos, put on my robe, and got out a few things -- oils, lubes, bondage kit, etc., but absolutely no spanking implements. I did this purposely -- DH had a week or so ago made some comments, again, about my having a one track mind, always reading and writing about spanking, and always expecting him to provide (not true in my mind, but it's what he was feeling). I was not going to push spanking at him, it was going to have to be all his idea.

To be continued...

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