Friday, February 1, 2008

I am such a slug...

3 weeks?!?! How the bloody hell can it be almost 3 weeks since I last managed to post here? You'd think I've gone into hibernation. But nope, just worn out. Not to go into the boring details, but there's multiple stressors at work, 'fun' at home with the hubby and 3 kiddies (remember, 2 of them are teens), visit from in-laws, and the lovely winter weather.

And I didn't realize how much my back was affecting all the aspects of my life. I've had back issues since I was a teen and have seen chiropractors on and off over the years. I was going pretty regularly the end of last year, but hadn't been since just before the holidays. With all the stresses lately, I've been in pain and suffering headaches and such pretty regularly the last couple of weeks. So I finally made it back in today. Oh. My. God. I feel a thousand times better -- nothing like a massage, an adjustment, and some stim to make you feel better. And I deliberately planned it for today since tomorrow is date night and we've been 'inactive' all week.

Now, even in my misery, I did see that I continued to have guests here and just want to say "thank you" for not giving up on me. And I did manage to get a few more blogs added to my "Blogs I Like" list (and yes, I really do read them pretty regularly).

I've got two chiro appts scheduled for next week, plus DH is leaving for France on Thursday and not coming back til the following week, so I'll be able to get plenty of rest, which means (hopefully) more creative energy.... which means... I WILL BLOG!!

Happy February, Happy Valentines Day, and Happy Spanking Month!


john said...

My wife visited a chiro a great many years ago. He always did a lot of talking about "saving her life" and " you'd better not think what could happen if you hadn't come to me". After some time his services weren't needed anymore. Never pain again. Did he do the trick or not?We"ll never know. Nevertheless he knew how to sell his business for sure.Hope the appts will help.

Robin said...

Hi John,
Personally, I think it's more the therapeutic massage and the stim than the actual adjustments that help. I'm notorious for carrying stress in my back and since insurance will cover chiropractic treatment... I also know my extra weight doesn't help, but my back problems started when I was a young, thin, physically active teen, so weight is not the entire issue.
I'm hoping they help too :D