Thursday, February 26, 2009

Home Again, Home Again, Jiggity Jig

Hey Everyone (or anyone who's still popping in here) ~~

We're back!

yeah :|

Back to work, kids, housework, cold wintry weather...

Well, at least I still have a job ~~ although things are not all hunky dory on the work front ~~ another drastic pay cut, supposedly temporary.... yuk.


Saw lots of beautiful places, met lots of nice people, took lots of pictures (somewhere around 800). It's going to take a while to go through all the pics (edit, compress, caption, etc.) and get our adventures written down, so to tide things over, here's a pic of Mount Maunganui, New Zealand. Enjoy.


M:e said...

Welcome home. Hope you had a fantastic time. Looking forward to you sharing some of it with us.

love and hugs xxx

ronnie said...

What a beautiful picture, hope you had a wonderful time.

Hope you'll share more with us.

Anonymous said...

As a person that appreciates a good photo, may I say nicely done.

Anonymous said...

Hi Robin
Welcome back! Seems like you had an awesome time.
That picture is gorgeous, and I hope to hear more about your trip when you are ready to share.
Take care

Mina said...

Robin, welcome back and glad your journey as a safe one. NZ is beautiful is it not? I am headed there soon to see my family but think I will feel like more like a tourist.

Look forward to reading about your adventure.


vanimp said...

Awww so glad you had a good holiday, not so good re the work front :( I smiled when I saw this picture as I have just moved from there up North to Auckland. That place holds 17 years of precious memories xxx

john said...

And... did you get value for your money with such an expensive trip ?

Anonymous said...

Lovely photo!

Did you get to Australia at all?

Glad you had a good trip.


moonheart said...

Welcome back and the picture is beautiful!

Kallisto said...

Lovely photo! I am sure you had a great time. Australia and NZ are on my "want to see" list. I look forward to hearing more about your trip.


Robin said...

Hi everyone, Thanks for the comments! Glad so many of you liked the photo. It was really dumb luck that it turned out so well.

I did get a little slide show together and placed on the sidebar. Hope you enjoy.

I still plan on getting some notes written up and posted ~~ but I wouldn't recommend holding your breath *weg*

Mr. Nod ~~ The first couple of pics I took of that view I didn't realize there was a reflection. It was when I reviewed them that I noticed and then took a couple more, making sure to get the reflection. So glad you like the photo.

John ~~ well, that sounds a bit snarky *grin*. The trip was definitely worth it. And I know it seemed like a huge trip, but DH's travel means discounts on airfare, hotels, car rentals; and the cruise was incredible inexpensive (I checked the price right before we left and it had more than doubled since we bought our tickets). So while it did cost a bit, and if we'd known that my pay was going to be cut so drastically we might not have done it, we don't regret it as we saw some absolutely beautiful areas. Can't wait to go back again :D