Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Warning -- Long Post Ahead

I hope everyone who celebrated Thanksgiving had a good one – and hopefully a spanksgiving, too :)

No such luck here :(.

Ok, Thanksgiving was fine – other than the chicken (no one here likes particularly likes turkey, plus it is just too much for the 5 of us), which took twice as much time to cook than planned for. Apparently, it was frozen inside and no one (uh, me) realized it. So we filled ourselves with mashed potatoes (made by the kidlets following OC’s special recipe), stuffing (from a box, made by me), crescent rolls (from refrigerated tubes), homemade cranberry sauce, gravy (jarred with drippings from the chicken), green and yellow beans (which no one ate but me), an Indo-Pakistani chicken dish (made by and eaten only by DH), and no chicken. By the time the chicken was done, no one was interested. So I just pulled all the meat from the bones and added it to the leftovers in the fridge. Dessert was pumpkin pie or harvest fruit pie (both store bought) with homemade whipped cream and a steamed cranberry pudding with butter cream sauce (made by me at the special request of OC). But it was a good day – no major upsets, everyone working together to fix dinner and then clean up after.

Joining DH in bed later, I did bring up how a spanksgiving would be greatly appreciated by me *sigh* No go. Kids were still up and DH was concerned that they might hear something. I’m not so sure. Our house is pretty solidly built with heavy wood doors. When OC is in her room with the door closed, I can’t even hear her music – until I open her door and discover that she’s headed for early hearing loss. I know when our door is closed and the TV or stereo is on, I certainly cannot hear anything going on in the kids’ rooms, so, unless they were to stand right outside our door with ears pressed to it, I really don’t think they’d hear much of anything. But, DH is the boss, so I didn’t press the point, although I was a wee bit disappointed. We did have some nice sex, however :D

Let’s see, what else to blather on about…

The crock full of lovely wooden kitchen utensils… Here are some pics (taking these upstairs for pics did not go unnoticed – OC sent YC up to “spy” on me)

19 beautiful grape wood kitchen tools – and it’s looking pretty unlikely that any one of them will be used for anything outside of the kitchen *sniffle* When I mentioned my “ooh, new toys” reaction to seeing them on the counter, he looked at me as if I were speaking ancient Greek. It took him a few minutes and then he got it – and was completely noncommittal about the possibility of any of these making it upstairs. It’s not as if we don’t already have plenty of wooden utensils in the kitchen, and of course, not all of these would work as toys, but still…

I’m seriously beginning to think DH is a hopeless case and I’m going to be pretty damn frustrated for the rest of my life. Now that my needs to be dominated and spanked (and anything else ‘fun’) have been faced, accepted, and put out there, they're out and there’s no putting them back – closing those needs and wants back up inside. It’s so not healthy to leave things bottled up and repressed – been there, done that, refuse to do it again. Not sure how I’m going to handle this…

Ok, back to my review of our holiday. Amazingly, we survived 5 days of togetherness without any major eruptions, although there were some heightened tensions for a while on Saturday.

Friday, DH and I were getting ready for some fun, when the housecleaners arrived far earlier than expected. Normally they arrive in the afternoon, but no, Friday they walked through the door at 9.30 am. So we hurriedly dressed, picked up and scurried out the door. We considered shopping, but the traffic around the mall quickly discouraged any thoughts of heading in. Finally, the Chinese buffet was open and we went in for an early lunch. Nothing tasted off, but I don’t think I can eat there anymore. I felt so awful when we got home – cold and shivering with sharp stomach pains. I went to bed. Didn’t eat for over 24 hours – somehow knowing that food is making you feel so awful makes even thought of eating anything really unappealing. Regardless of how icky my stomach was feeling, after a nice warm shower with DH I felt revived enough to have a good time with him. Pretty darn vanilla *sigh*

Saturday, my baby brother flew into town for a business conference. Before we got up and ready to go, we did find time for a quickie – at least for the last week we were back to multiple times, instead of the once every 10 days pattern we’d been experiencing. A quick shower and then out the door. We picked my brother up at the airport, stopping at our favorite gyro place for a late lunch, brought him home for a few hours, including a walk around downtown with a stop at Starbucks for cocoa and cider, then drove into the big city to drop him off at his hotel. Just spent a nice time together. Remember, I’d just seen him a couple of weeks ago in Aspen, but it had been a year since everyone else had seen him. Got to see some cute pics of his 4 kids. They are all growing so fast.

After getting back home, DH mentioned a desire to get some new porn movies. So I did a search on the Internet. There is apparently only ONE store within 10 miles of our home. The only other store in our town that has adult movies is a regional franchise lingerie/toy store, and their movie selection is extremely limited. With my MapQuest directions, DH set out to find the store. Apparently it’s not very obvious to the passerby as DH missed it and had to turn around J He came home with 8 DVDs (6 were in a set). One DVD was especially for me – spankings (DH can be surprisingly thoughtful).

My stomach was still off on Saturday, unfortunately. But weirdly, in a complete turnaround from the nasty chills the night before, I now was roasting, with non-stop sweating. Just another icky thing to deal with. The gyros + hot chocolate kept me full ‘til Sunday morning.

Sunday morning – no fun. Oh well. DH needed to get packed, I needed to get laundry started, so out of bed we got. DH requested that I fix scrambled eggs for breakfast. I knew I wasn’t up to eating them – stomach still off – however that didn’t mean I couldn’t fix them for the family. So following DH’s instructions on how to make scrambled eggs ‘his’ way, I got to cracking *snicker*. YC took on toast duty. I had plain oatmeal and pomegranate seeds – yummy. According to MC the eggs were ‘good, but not as good as Dad’s’. DH thought they tasted just like when he fixes them. Oh well – there’s no pleasing some people (MC). Once we were done eating, it was time to head to the airport – again.

DH had an eventful flight, but did arrive safely in Mexico. He gets back on Friday, just in time for our birthday weekend (me Friday, him Monday). I’ve taken both days off so I’ll have another extra long weekend. I’ve mentioned birthday spankings – again, more demurement from DH. So I’m not holding my breath. He did make a special call to me – gave me a “special assignment” while he’s gone. I’m to review the new DVDs and then share with him the scenes I particularly ‘enjoyed’. Haven’t done it yet – maybe I’ll find some time tomorrow night :)

So that brings us up to date. I really am determined to get something posted everyday this week. Well, maybe not Friday as I’ll be busy changing my hair to blonde (DH’s request), cleaning house, picking DH up from the airport, and celebrating my birthday. I will be sure to let you all know how that goes.


Malcolm said...

Children's taste buds can be very sensitive. But maybe MC was just saying that to stick up for Dad - I know our 12-year-old will say things just to make sure someone feels comfortable.

Sorry about the lack of spanking. My heart goes out to you. At least DH buys you a spanking movie - which one was it by the way, and was it good? Do you ever get some of the best online like those from Lupus? And do share the "scenes you enjoyed" here on your blog, I'd be very interested as I have a collection of spanking clips.

john said...

What a wonderful collection. The spoon with the single hole on the left of the page will do a hell of job.

Robin said...

Hi Malcolm,
MC was definitely not sticking up for his Dad, just being his normal obnoxious teenage self. Teens are sooo much fun :P

I'm still not 100% certain that DH doesn't read this blog -- I got 2 lovely birthday spankings over the weekend (1 for my birthday & 1 for his), so the spanking dryspell has been broken.

Can't remember right off what the movie title is (kids are in the room, so can't go get it right now). It was okay, but we both really like the more erotic spankings than the pure punishment (nonsexual)ones. DH and I talked about spanking about this weekend and I'll try to post about it later.

Robin said...

Hi John,
Well none of those kitchen tools have made it upstairs, & I'm thinking it's pretty unlikely. I wish we could try some out, but I don't think DH sees the potential.
Oh, well, I'll live.