Tuesday, December 2, 2008

I have to point out

that obviously my attempt to neatly add pics to the last post failed miserably when the post was actually published. What is with that? They were lined up nice and neat when I was putting the post together. AAAGGGGHHHH.

And I added the code from Feedburner at the end of the posts to allow readers to add to other programs (don't know the techinical term, if there is one), and it shows on all the older posts, but not the newest one. Why? Does anyone out there know, and can explain it in fairly plain language?

Very frustrating when the post does not turn out as you expected it to, based on what is seen during compose.....


Spanky said...

Getting pictures to line up properly with blogger is difficult sometimes. I finally started using some css code that I found that also lets me put a caption under each picture. It's really not too difficult, if you're not afraid to edit your html. I could point you in the right direction; if you're interested let me know.

Robin said...

Hi Spanky,
Please, please point me in the right direction. A little HTML tinkering can go a long way, and I'm always interested in learning how things work.