Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Last night...

oh... wow... I... just wow... DH was ... even now, hours later... just, wow....

There was:

a bath -- with touching, stroking, kissing, fucking (a new position)...
a shower -- with spanking and touching... strongly squeezing my cheeks between spanks
on the bed

  • snuggling
  • restraints and a blindfold -- on me
  • massage oil
  • tingly oil
  • vibrator
  • lots of oral and fingering -- done to me
  • pussy spanking
  • sucking -- me on DH
on the floor in front of the fireplace
  • more massage oil -- on my back this time
  • more fingering
  • fucking -- on my side, with random spanks
  • more oral on him -- tasting me on him (I don't think we've ever done this before)
  • roughness -- he fucked my mouth, pulled my hair, slapped my face
  • on all fours -- more fucking while he lubed and fingered me in preparation for anal
  • anal -- telling me to say how much I loved everything he was doing to me (oh, yeah, I did)
  • pulling my hair -- incredible.. every pull I felt directly in my pussy
  • orgasm after orgasm as he pounded forcefully into me
  • collapsed into sweaty exhausted pile
more snuggling before sleep

Again, WOW. Not sure what inspired DH (I did show him my Snow story after the bath and shower...). Including the bath and shower, we spent more than an hour and a half enjoying each other, trying so many new things. Told him last night if he were to reward me like that after every time I go to the gym, I'd be much more diligent with my exercise *laugh*

And a quickie when we woke up this morning, too. We're now home 'til Monday, so I'm hopeful there will be more fun.


lalana said...

All I can do is echo your WOW... sounds like you guys had a great night :)


Mina said...

Robin, how wonderful for you both and it sounds like an awesome and special night. lucky thing.


Radha said...

I agree - WOW! - sounds wonderful and certainly, orgasmic!

Happy Holidays, indeed!

Robin said...

lalana, Mina, & Radha,
Thank you for commenting. it was amazing, so much so that there is, even now, a sense of surreality about it. Hence, the writing it down, even in abbreviate form. You know -- 'if it's not written down, it didn't happen' (paraphrased from a book by Tom Clancy, Executive Order, maybe).
And who knows when, or even if, something like this will every happen again? I can always come back here and relive it.