Friday, December 5, 2008

If you could see me now

I look pretty ridiculous.

My newly blonder hair is piled up into a bun on the top of my head. I'm completely bare as I've coated my legs and a few other areas *grin* with hair removal cream. I am bent over at the side of my bed, forearms resting on the bed while I type -- basically a "spank me/fuck me" kinda position -- all so I can keep the hair remover on me and not get any on the bed. All so I can get a little blogging in before I head to the airport to pick up DH.

I've actually been undressed most of the day -- one of my favorite things to when I have the house to myself. I've changed the sheets and made our bed, explored the Internet, read a few blogs, set up a real life Facebook account (if they'd let me hide my last name, I'd try it for this blog too), already reconnected with a high school friend, colored my hair, and now I'm about to shower/shave/exfoliate/moisturize so I'm all nice for DH.


Showering, etc. is done. Just waiting for OC to get home from school and then I'll leave.

Just for fun, here's a pic of our bed. Can you tell who sleeps on which side? And before you snicker, there's a very special story about the blue bear:

When my dad died in 2004, all the grandkids received teddy bears made from his shirts (made by my stepmother). I mentioned how much I would like one too, a just a short while later I did. I can even remember my dad wearing this shirt. So, my 'opa' bear gets a special place on my bed. (Opa is what all the grandkids call my dad).

Gotta go -- DH flight lands in an hour, and it takes about that long to get to the airport.

Not sure what the plans are for tonight, although dinner out is on the agenda. Hopefully there will be something shareworthy :)


john said...

If you're husband is righthanded, you're lying on the left side of him. Is easier for making love.
BTW do you have Dutch ancestors Robin ?

Robin said...

Hi John,
Well, that wasn't why I chose that side of the bed, but it does work for us :)
And --
Shortish answer -- no, not to my knowledge (I'm about 3/8 Danish, with the rest a mix of Scottish, Irish, English, German, and maybe some other things)
Longer answer -- I was born in Germany (Dad was stationed there with the US Army); mom likes German/Germany & thought it would be cute if we called our grandparents Opa and Oma. Opa stuck for my paternal grandfather, but I changed Oma to Mom-Mom for my paternal grandmother (Danish relatives got a kick out of this). And my kids started calling my Dad Opa, and it spread to all his grandkids.

vanimp said...

Lol I had to chuckle reading your post, the whoole hair removal thing and walking round trying not to touch anything and having to stand in odd positions while it does it's magic, summer's here so as well as that I have the whole fake tan thing going on too xxx

Robin said...

Hi vanimp,
I know I felt ridiculous :)
The things we do to ourselves in the name of beauty ;)

Joe said...

Where in Germany were you born? My dad was a DoDDS (now known as DoDEA) teacher and I was born in Bremerhaven in 1962. I ended up living 15 of the next 25 years of my life in Germany and 2 in Italy. The family came to the states in 1988 and I've been here ever since.

It would be wonderful to go back and see how much everything has changed. I know one thing, though. It won't be anything like what I remember.

Robin said...

Hi Joe,
I was born in Landstuhl. My family came back to the States when I was 2, so no memories. I was able to visit Germany and Denmark the summer I was 16, but didn't get to Landstuhl. I was in Ehlershausen, Hamburg, Bredstedt and Kiel. We did spend a day in Bremerhaven, touring some Greenpeace ships.
I haven't been back to Germany or Denmark since, but I would like to.

Mina said...

Oh my goodness is that how it works? Right-handed men want you to sleep on their left? John has enlightened me. I always slept on my husband's right but then he is a left-handed man. Well crikey, fancy that then.

I hope you and your DH had a lovely evening when he returned.


Robin said...

Hi Mina,
Yeah, I had no idea either. Although, when I have slept on DH's right in the past, it didn't stop anything ;D
I hope eventually to get a post up about DH's homecoming...