Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Done a little work...

Changed some things around over in the sidebar. Still needs tweaking, but I can only do so much at a time.

I've got some books on HTML and web/blog design. At some point I'll have to pull them out and try out a few things. I'm pretty good at reverse engineering from existing code -- not much experience with starting from scratch. And I may not be IT, but everyone in my facility comes to me first when they have a computer issue, and most of the time I can figure it out without involving the helpdesk. So some ability there.

Still haven't tackled DH's 'special assignment.' Been getting home a little later than I should the last couple of nights, then I spend time with the kids watching holiday shows (keeping everyone up later than I should), and finally a little time on the computer and it's way too late to stay up to review porn.

DH wanted to get me an iPhone for my birthday. I talked him out of it. Not that I wouldn't like to have one, but it's a little out of the budget right now. My mandatory pay cut is really hurting us. We were talking about planning a trip early next year, most likely to Australia/New Zealand, but we've even put those plans on hold. DH's parents are supposed to visit and I'm hoping we can get away for a night or two in a hotel in the city. If things turn around, then we can always take a trip later in the year. And this year is a DH and me only trip. I look forward to getting away without the kids.

So, uneventful normal day.


john said...

Are you going to search for an other better paid job ? You deserve full pay, so why not say arivederi to the company?

Robin said...

I have looked, but there's not a lot out there right now. News reports are saying over 500,000 jobs were lost in November alone. I'm lucky to still have a job at all as my company is closing plants and laying off people left and right. My husband has even asked friends of his to let him know if they see anything that might be good for me.
So I'm keeping my fingers (& toes) crossed.

Mina said...

Best of luck Robin and even with the pay cut it is still good to have a job.

If you do decide to head to Australia or New Zealand (either on is good but then I would say that given I live in the former and was born in the latter) I hope you have an enjoyable time.


Robin said...

Hi Mina,
Right now, as I type this, DH is on line and on the phone trying to set up a cruise from Sydney, around NZ and back to Oz in February. (His company is still doing well enough that he already has been told he'll get his 24% bonus -- whoo hoo).
Already looking forward to warm weather (today's high is supposed to be 5 F, with windchill it's around -20 F).
I am grateful to still be employed. I just really hope my pay goes back up in 2009.