Saturday, December 20, 2008

Happy Birthdays to Us -- Part 2

Most of Saturday was spent on regular errands, household chores and such. Later in the day was shower and get ready to go out time. I had gotten, especially for my birthday, a coupon from a favorite restaurant. Off we went, nice dinner, drinks, dessert and back home, not too early (kids were already asleep) but not so late that we were too tired.

I quickly changed while DH closed everything up downstairs. Hair up, maid outfit on, stilettos on… all ready when he walked into the room. And his face lit up as he took in the scene. DH poured us each a drink, then pulled several implements out, setting them on the bed, within easy reach. I watched, somewhat bemused, and then chagrined when he pulled out the dreaded bath brush. He just grinned, a wicked evil grin.

And then I was bent over the edge of the bed and the hand spanking began. It didn’t last too long, but before I could pout, it became clear that the spanking wasn’t over yet -- DH was ready for a different position. He sat on the bed, legs out straight and I laid over them, feet still on the floor, arms on a pillow. He likes this position as he can be nice and comfy, reach me easily, and watch TV. Now it was time for the real spanking. It was a mix of hand, bath brush, leather paddle, and new hairbrush and went on for quite a while. There was laughing and giggling, wiggling and struggling, spanking and caressing, holding down and reprimanding… We tried to do ‘count the spanks’ but it didn’t work so well – I tried counting the regular way (1, 2, 3, etc.), but DH wanted to count by quarters. So we both said ‘one’, then I said ‘two’ and he said ‘one-and-a-quarter’, then ‘one-and-a-half’ up to about ‘four’ by which time we were both laughing too hard to continue with counting.

Of course, I tried to top from the bottom – ‘other side, too, please’, ‘ack, not so hard’, ‘spank the under side, too’. And, of course, DH really didn’t listen to me.

DH did not hold back. This was not some soft, easy spanking. There were some incredibly painful spanks. I wiggled so much, that DH finally had to put his arm around my waist to hold me in position. Love it when he gets all strong and forceful. :D

Finally, much, much later, it was over. I went to caress DH, to show him my appreciation, and ‘it’ was missing!

Ok, not really gone, just tucked down out of the way – so it wouldn’t get hurt by all my wiggling around. We had another good laugh. And then I did show him my appreciation – DH loves my oral appreciation skills *grin*. We finished up in our same-old way, me on all fours, DH behind me, holding my hips between additional spanks, as he thrust and pounded and brought me to orgasm after orgasm before finally reaching his own release.

So, a day late, but boy oh boy did I get a lovely birthday spanking. And there are pictures of my very red bottom, but they’re not going up here – they’re for my personal viewing pleasure only. (DH would freak if I posted something like that, especially since he has expressly forbidden it).

Part 3 will cover my spanking for DH’s birthday.


Mina said...

Sounds like you had a great time together, love, spanking and fun...a lovely combination


Robin said...

Hi Mina,
It was lovely. And we weren't done until Monday, so there's a little more to share.
Love it when DH gets everything just right.

john said...

Lovely story. Does he know now you're a blogger ?

Robin said...

Hi John,
Yes, he does. Way back in October last year ( it was made clear to him.
Now I have seen my other blog bookmarked on his iPhone, and the 2 are linked, so it is possible he might come here. But if he has, he hasn't said anything.