Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Happy Birthdays to Us

Part 1
My long weekend (December 5th thru 8th) was planned specifically because it was bracketed by our birthdays – mine on Friday and DH’s on Monday. Since I had to take days off from work anyway, why not that Friday and that Monday?

I already posted a bit about what I did on Friday while waiting for DH to get home. The hair coloring was less than successful – I did not want to go really blonde so I had picked a medium blonde dye. Only it didn’t work so well. Apparently my hair likes being red… Oh well, I tried, and in 6 weeks I can try again (I don’t want to fry my hair by dying it too often).

Anyway, off to the airport I scurried, giving myself extra time since I was making the drive in the middle of the workday. Of course, there was no traffic so I arrived at 3:15, about a half an hour before DH’s flight was even expected (mechanical problems led to a late start). I circled a few times, then decided to park and wait. DH called me about 4:15 – they’d been circling for about a ½ hour and now didn’t expect to get to a gate for another ½ hour. It was a little too cold in the car, so DH suggested I go into the airport and wait for him there. After looking fruitlessly for a snack stand (I can’t believe they don’t have any in Arrivals), I had finally settled down to wait when DH called again to say he was walking out right then. It was an hour and ½ later than he was supposed to arrive… He was tired and hungry. We grabbed a bite on the way home, picking some up for the kids too.

Once we got home, DH started to unpack. ‘I couldn’t wrap your present,’ he said as he pulled a wooden hairbrush out of his suitcase – purchased purely for spanking enjoyment (although the wood massage pegs are wonderful, too). And there was a lovely, sentimental card:

For My Wife
I may not always talk about
all the special things
you do for me
and for our family...

…the special things
that make our home
such a happy, loving place
to live…

…but, I want you to know
I couldn’t ask
for a better partner
to share my life with
or a better wife
to share my love.

And DH followed up the card by telling me it was all true, that it expressed exactly how he feels. Wow… You have to understand that we rarely do sentimental; cards are usually humorous if not downright silly, so this was a major change.

And then we went to sleep – DH was just too exhausted. But he promised great things for Saturday.


Mina said...

How sweet Robin, sometimes they just pull one out of the bag like that and it floors you.


Robin said...

Hi Mina,
I know... especially when just a few posts ago I was lamenting that I thought the DH might be a lost cause (in regards to spanking and other fun sexy stuff).
Never would I have expected a spanking hairbrush for my bday present :D