Monday, November 3, 2008

Hang on a minute....

Gotta find the dustrags, broom and polish. Man, look at all the dust, cobwebs, dead bugs and dried leaves that have made their way into here...
*dust dust wipe wipe cough cough ack sneeze sweep sweep polish*
Amazing how much gunk builds up when you ignore something for a while.

To be fair, there hasn't been a lot happening to really write about, and even when I felt like jotting something down, time and energy (or lack thereof) conspired against me.

Hope everyone enjoyed Halloween -- I was working. And not that you're interested but here's how my past week went:

Saturday 10-25 took DH to the airport as he was off to Europe again

Sunday took it easy

Monday off to work, didn't leave 'til after 6pm as we were prepping for physical inventory

Tuesday repeat of Monday

Wednesday into Thursday -- up at 7am to get the kidlets to school, then lazed around all day, trying to rest since I would be up all night at work (yes, you read that right, all night); left home at 430pm dropping off kids along the way; got to work about 6pm expecting tags to start printing around 9pm but the &#%&$#&($ new operating system screwed that all up and we didn't start printing until 2am which is when the first count teams arrived. T was supposed to be in bed in her hotel room at that time so I could leave at 10am when she came back. Didn't work out that way -- I left at 6pm Thursday night (24 hours after arriving at work), getting home at 7pm (36 hours after I left). First thing I did after arriving home to my empty house was strip out of the clothes I'd been wearing for over 24 hours. And I didn't put anything else on, but wandered around completely nude while I heated up some food in the microwave and then crawled into bed. I fell asleep around 8pm, woke up around 930pm, fell asleep again after 11pm.

Friday -- Happy Halloween (for everybody else). Up at 6pm, showered and off to work, picking up bagels along the way. Got to work about 8am. Work, work, work until the VP finally tells me to leave about 8pm. I was not about to argue. Got home around 9pm, just in time to share some pizza with the kids, check out YC's haul and comment on how pretty she looked in her snow princess costume. Finally fell asleep around 11pm.

Saturday -- up at 3am because I had to be at work at 430am. More work and struggle, lots of griping (ok, bitching) from the guys out in the warehouse. So did not want to hear them -- at least they were getting some nice over- and double-time for all the extra hours they were working. I'm salaried -- my paycheck does not represent all the hours I put in (although my boss the VP has granted me another day off with pay). VP finally told me to leave at 8pm, leaving only 3 people still there (VP, T and manager). Apparently manager was able to leave at 1045pm, while VP and T ended up staying 'til 630am Sunday -- and all because of the new operating system.

Forgot to mention that I had a nasty cold all through this (still do in fact). Spent most of Sunday in bed, resting, dozing, sleeping. I am still just wiped.

But back to regular hours this week. Thank goodness. I even have Friday off (unpaid, mandatory furlough day). DH is also taking the day off and he mentioned something about dressing up... Gonna need some clarification on how exactly he wants me to dress up... Hopefully it will lead to something fun and juicy to psot here :)

And then next week, I work 2 days, then have 3 vacation days. I am heading to .... for 4 days with my sister and 2 brothers. It's a semi-tradition since our dad died. It will be nice to get away for a few days. Maybe after I'll spill the details, but here's some general infor to pique your curiousity -- mountains (so cold and possibly snowy), tourist town, 5 star hotel with fantastic spa (sis and I have already planned a spa day). I hope I come back well rested and relaxed.

Oh, DH and I have had some us time, just not near enough as far as I'm concerned. Maybe I'll get some of the written down for posting...


The Headmaster said...

Enjoy your vacation, my dear.

Robin said...

I'm trying, I really am.
Thank you.