Monday, November 24, 2008

I forgot

to tell you how DH welcomed me home after my trip to Colorado *grin*
I was waiting in baggage claim, back to the airport doors, when "THWACK!!", DH's hand connected soundly, and loudly, with my backside. Not only did the spank echo in the cavernous area, but so did my yelp of surprise. We got quite a few looks *blush*. Then a nice big hug (no kisses cuz I didn't want to spread my icky sick germs).
A totally nice welcome home, considering we generally don't park and go in to the airport, but circle 'til the traveller emerges ready to go home.
And then, he went and got the car so I wouldn't have to drag my crampy, stuffy, coughy, sneezy, tired self through the cold and snow flurries to the car. Sometimes he surprises me with his thoughtfulness.
Because I was sick and suffering from that time of the month, nothing more happened. And then DH left on Monday for Mexico. However, I did make sure that Saturday he got a very big welcome home. Perhaps I'll share later....


lalana said...

Hmmm... I love those little (or not so little) public displays. They always manage to arouse me and make me blush at the same time :)

Robin said...

Hi lalana,
Yep, love every little bit of PDA DH does -- which isn't much. There's something about him showing publicly that he wants me that is just so... you know... warming in all the right places.

john said...

Please, share what happened,

Robin said...

Hi John,
I hope to get DH's welcome home written up and posted this week.