Tuesday, December 4, 2007


So, things may be getting better. DH is out of town but we did have a mature, normal phone conversation today... I guess we'll see when he gets home.

Hope my readers in the Pacific northwest are ok -- nasty weather situation there. I've got family out there -- my mom's on the Olympic Peninsula & my brother and his family are in the mountains -- they're all ok. I grew up out there (teen years) and went to university in Washington for 4 years, so I really know what it's like there.

And same goes for everyone in the midwest and northeast -- here comes the snow. Stay warm and safe.

Meanwhile, here are some views from my home. Just because we're out of sorts doesn't mean we can't enjoy the season. I apologize for the quality -- these are snaps from videos (we don't have a good digital camera at this time, and while I have a camera in my phone, I don't have anyway to get them off the phone and onto the computer).

Here's a couple of views of our tree...

And from my bathroom, bedroom, & dining room, respectively....

Yep, it's snowing. Kids will have fun shoveling tomorrow after school (yeah, right, I can hear the complaining already). Hopefully the roads are clear for my commute tomorrow. I've made it in heavy snow before, but it easily doubles the time. Yuck. And while we're getting snowed on, DH is in sunny, warm Mexico. Must be rough.

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