Monday, December 17, 2007

Odds and Ends (just not my 'end', darn it)

I've mentioned before that there is no switching in my relationship with DH. He has no desire to be spanked and would never allow it -- he's the spanker and I'm the spankee. However, that doesn't mean we can't joke about spanking him. The other weekend, DH managed to irritate YC (unfortunately, that is very easy to do). This particular time he insisted on brushing her hair, something she is very insistent on doing herself. When daddy persisted, she sulked, wouldn't speak to him, answer his questions, or even look at him. In an act of desperation, as we were walking into a restaurant, I asked her, "Should I spank daddy?" Big smile and head nod. Of course, DH heard the question and saw her response. We shared a smile, knowing that THAT was never going to happen.

Later that same weekend we were doing a little shopping. While waiting in the check out line, I noticed a bamboo cutting board, about 12" long x 8" wide x 3/4" thick. I picked it up thinking that it would probably pack quite a wallop. As I was setting it down, I noticed DH watching me. He smiled and picked it up, testing it's heft, and then commented, "You know, I do need a new cutting board. Mine just isn't so good anymore. From the expressions & grins on our faces, we were obviously thinking the same thing -- potential implement. Didn't get it :( He backed down, but expressed later that he wished he'd gotten it. Oh well, maybe next time.

I find myself as I go through certain stores, looking at the merchandise and wondering... Hmm, that chair would go nicely in our bedroom -- I wonder how it would work for positioning... What a nice basket/case/chest -- be great for storing all our toys in ... Wonder what that belt/board/spoon/etc would feel like... Holy mack, I don't even want to know how that would feel!...

While grocery shopping this weekend, DH told me to stay put while he went to go get something. I responded, in all seriousness, "Yes, Dear." As he was walking away (already several yards away) he turned back to say, quite loudly, "No, not "yes, dear": "Yes, Master." I grinned and giggled -- how else to respond to a comment like that in a crowded grocery store?

And,yes, we had a lovely evening of sex, spankings, sex, and more sex (DH making up for being out town) -- but that's a post for another time :D

P.S. Just need to revisit my DH directed self-spanking of the other night. I have such a feeling of surreality about the whole thing -- such that while out with DH on Saturday, I actually had to ask him if it really happened. I think the situation is that since this blog is my only outlet for "talking" about spankings and spanking related subjects, sometimes there seems to be a disconnect with reality. If I could go into work or call up family or friends and say, "You won't believe what DH had me do last night..." and get the reactions and responses and discussion that would naturally follow, it would help seat the incident more firmly in my mind as something that truly did happen. It just has such a dream-like quality to the memory...


New Beginnings said...

Ahhhh... that desire to talk to someone who understands!! What my blogging life is all about. The freedom to say to a good friend "Wow, Nick blistred my butt last night and I loved it" and have them come back with "You luck dog!" Being understood is a wonderful thing!!!


Robin said...

Hi PK,
I think I'd be even more nuts than I already am :D if I didn't have this outlet.
Thanks for commenting.