Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Happy Birthday to Me, Happy Birthday to Me!

Yep, yep, yep -- it's my birthday today. Whoo hoo. :D

Considering how things have been between DH and me lately, really wasn't sure how things would go today. Not too badly, as it turns out.

Only took me 20 extra minutes to get to work, and that was only because some people don't know how to drive on freshly plowed and salted roads. Sheeeeesh -- 15 minutes to go a mile at one point. And it was a straight, mostly flat stretch of road, no intersections, no lights, well plowed, no accidents -- don't know what the problem was.

Anyway, got to work and there was an e-card from one of the other facilities. And then DH called to wish me happy birthday -- and we actually had a pleasant conversation. Then my sister called while taking my nephews to school, and they all wished me a happy birthday, too. And the girls in the office where I work sent me an e-card.

And then, the topper. See the picture? DH sent me flowers! At work! Where everyone could see them! (Mine aren't exactly like the picture, but similar). Now, I couldn't share the note with my coworkers -- and I have to wonder what the flower people thought of it. Here's what he wrote:

No more fighting, just more actions you know what I mean?
Or you will not get spanking! Happy Birthday!

Can you see me trying to explain that if I'm naughty I won't get a spanking? As it was, they all smiled when I hid the card (it's all women in the office). I'm not holding my breath for the spanking -- he says he will, but there's a distinct lack of follow thru lately. Although last year I did get spanked, twice in one week -- once for my birthday, then 3 days later for his. Works for me :D We've had a few conversations just while I've been writing this. And they've gone well. Determined he wants a special unwrapped present for his birthday -- ME! Looking like it may be a very good weekend.

[Note: we haven't been fighting, just not talking. OC made a comment that was disrespectful to DH, he called her on it, I supported him, and somehow I ended up in the doghouse. I know he's been stressed by things as work, but that's no excuse to be nasty to all of us. When he gets like that, it's just easier to keep my distance until he's ready to be nice again. Of course, work has been more stress this week and then he got scammed & $1500 was removed from his bank account. So heaven only knows who's coming home from Mexico -- DH or his evil twin.]

Talked to my mom last night, so not sure she'll call again today. I had called to make sure they hadn't been blown away or washed away in the storms, spoke with my stepfather, and then mom called me later. She called me an "old lady" but then didn't like it when I referred to a 70-year-old coworker as elderly. So, I responded, "If I'm an old lady, then you're elderly." She laughed. Of course, this is the same woman who called me middle-aged when I turned 30. Personally, I believe that how old you are is determined more by your attitude than the calendar. Don't know why she's trying to age me -- only makes her older.

Oooh, and an added plus -- according to StatCounter today my blog has reached a milestone: over 10,000 unique hits (almost 13,000 pageloads). Please keep coming back, reading and commenting and emailing. Silly, but true, it gives me a thrill to see my stats increase and to see messages show up in my inbox. Please keep it up.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday (belated of course cuz I'm always behind!!)


Robin said...

Hi Eva,
Thank you. :D
I am a strong proponent of better late than never :)
Plus it was pretty late yesterday when I posted...

john said...

Well it's interesting to read about evil twins Keeps me thinking about life...