Monday, February 2, 2009

MicroFantasy Monday ~ Week 13

Thank you, Ang at Sweltering Celt

Meredith shifted nervously as she waited in the security line. She had been dreading this part of her trip ever since Jason had sent his list of detailed instructions.

She already knew that she would set off the metal detector, thanks to her collar and matching cuffs. And there was no way she could remove them herself, even if Jason had given permission. They could only be removed with a special tool, a tool that Jason kept securely attached to his key ring.

Meredith moved forward a few more steps, pulling her carry on behind her. The carry on that was not full of clothing for the long weekend... The carry on that was almost completely full of 'toys'. Sex toys ~~ paddles, floggers, cuffs, ropes, vibrators, clamps, etc. Everything that Jason had insisted she pack.

Setting her purse and the carry on on the conveyor, Meredith stepped through the metal detector, smiling shyly at the security person as the detector went off. She pointed out her collar and cuffs, and with an apology explained that they couldn't be removed.

As she moved to the side and stood as directed, she could clearly see the person monitoring the bags as they went through the x-ray machine. He squinted his eyes, concentrating... then they went wide and he motioned the other security personnel over to take a look. Meredith knew, with a sinking feeling, that they were looking at her bag. She wanted to just sink in on herself and disappear, but she stood still while she was wanded.

"Ma'am? Ma'am? If we could please see you over here?" Meredith looked towards the voice, seeing that it was a security person with her bag. Pasting a wan smile on her face, Meredith squared her soldiers and walked towards the table as her bag was unzipped.


Anonymous said...

I don't know what to say...your imagination is incredible! What do women who wear collars 24/7 do when they travel? I never thought of that....I am hoping that there will be another "chapter".
I am so glad that I have found your blog...
Take care,

Lucy Amber said...


What a naughty little story! Really emotionally charged too.


Lucy Amber

Robin said...

Hi AG,
There's definitely more to the story ~~ at least in my head :)
Maybe I'll get it written down...
I can't answer for collared slaves and travelling, but I have some metal bangles that are extremely difficult to remove (need oil, lotion, soap) and when travelling, I'd have to go the side and be wanded. And I have definitely travelled with lots of 'toys' :D

Hi Lucy Amber,
Glad you liked it. I have fun writing these.