Friday, February 6, 2009

Just a brief check in...

before we head off on our vacation. I can't wait to be warm. I am so excited to see New Zealand and Australia. I've always wanted to. I realize going on a cruise means I'll get just a teeny tiny taste of what they're like, but it's better than not going at all. And it will be warm! I am so tired of subfreezing temps....

We head out at noon on Saturday and don't get back 'til the 22nd. Not sure how much online access I'll get ~~ we'll be at sea most of the time and Internet access on the ship is not cheap.

So, if I can, I'll post. If not, well, I'll try to get some things written so when we get back I'll have stuff to post.


ronnie said...

Lucky you, have a great time and look forward to hearing about your travels.

M:e said...

Have a wonderful time.

love and hugs xxx

Anonymous said...

You are so lucky! Have a great vacation. Can't wait to hear all about it!
Take care

Tiggs said...

Bon voyage, sweetie! Take tons of pics of all your stops along the way!!!! I've always wanted to see both of those places!


Dante d'Amore said...

New Zealand and Australia? I envy you. Have fun. I can't wait to read all about it.

vanimp said...

Enjoy my sweet we are having beautiful weather here in NZ at the moment x

Mina said...

Have fun Robin.