Monday, February 9, 2009

We've Made it Safely to NZ

Sitting in our hotel room in warm, humid, rainy Auckland. Loving the warmth ~~ the humidity, yeah, not so much :)
But I understand the rain is very welcome as they've had a fairly hot, dry summer. They haven't experienced the wildfires like Australia, but the fire danger is still extremely high along the east coast of both the North and South Islands.

What little I've seen of Auckland is beautiful ~~ it's very lush here. Lots of trees, bushes, flowers everywhere. The view from the plane as we flew in yesterday was gorgeous ~~ green everywhere, rolling hills, beaches and seashore...

Our hotel is right across the street from the University and a beautiful park. We've done a bit of walking about, yesterday and today, down the hill, through the Chancery and along nearby streets, windowshopping and just enjoying the area.

With all the overcast, we're not seeing much of the surrounding area...

It's odd when we call home ~~ It's Tuesday morning here and Monday afternoon there. Kids are doing ok with Grandma... so far :P

Anyway, we'll be heading off to the ship shortly, so I've got to get everything packed up and tagged properly.

Hope to be able to post more from the ship.


M:e said...

Ooooh a postcard... how lovely!

Good to hear your having a great time.

love and hugs xx

Tiggs said...

Glad to hear that you made it safely over there and are having a good time!

Take pics whenever you can!!!


Mina said...

Robin, glad you arrived safely and are enjoying the lush greenness of Auckland. It is the place of my birth so I have a soft spot for it even though I now call Australia my home.

I too shall be back there soon, time to catch up with family.

I wish you a wonderful time there and hope to see some pics.


Sara said...

Robin, we went to NZ a few yrs ago...what a magical place! Enjoy!

Naughty Girl said...

Oh I envy you...I love to travel. Hope you have a wonderful time!