Wednesday, July 2, 2008

My Tattoo

Well, I still don't have any really good pictures. DH finally agreed to take a picture, but only with his iPhone...

So here are the best I have, plus the design I drew that it was based on.

This was not a spur of the moment decision -- nor a mid-life crisis one (I prefer to think of it as an acceptance and awakening of who I am). I'd thought about getting a tattoo many years ago (college) but never did (multiple reasons) and off and on over the years, but once married and with kids I wasn't sure what DH would think. Then, surprise, he brought it up. He'd always wanted a tattoo but had never gotten one (in his case, it goes along with the sportscar and motorcycle -- mid-life crisis, oh yeah). So, he just went off one day and came home with an eagle head on his right arm at the shoulder. I started looking for a design I liked, and found a lot -- it can be hard to choose just one.
Finally decided a buttefly would be best -- feminine, delicate but strong, representative of change, beauty... Looked at hundreds of designs until I found one somewhat like what I wanted -- a side view, facing right, not too life-like. Only it still wasn't exactly right, so I hand drew my own design taking the picture I'd found as a guide. I rounded out some angles, added some more curves, changed the colors (green, blue, pink -- if you can't tell from the pics). I tried about 4 different color combinations before I found the one I used. I even visited different tattoo parlors to check things out. Not spur of the moment at all.
DH went to the artist who'd done his and made an appointment for the following Saturday -- the day before our 15th anniversary. He got another tattoo, on his left arm at the shoulder -- the Chinese character for eagle. He went first, while I sat and tried to relax, reading.
Then it was my turn. I really didn't know what to expect. Some pain, obviously, but beyond that, not a clue. I pulled the back of my t-shirt over my head, keeping my front covered and pulled down the bra strap. The artist and I discussed colors and placement -- asking DH's opinion in the process (not a lot of help).
And she began.
At first, I felt quite a bit of pain, but it quickly changed to just a slight pressure with burning in the spot she was working on. And my whole body felt warm. Wasn't expecting that. I didn't find it difficult at all to hold still or to stay in position. I think it took about half an hour to be completed -- I wasn't really aware of time and didn't keep track of it. I was bandaged and off we went.
I had no problems during healing at all -- no bleeding, no scabbing, no itching, very little pain and only when accidently scrubbed in the shower.
I think it turned out great and I still like catching glimpses of it in the mirror when I'm dressing and undressing. DH is not used to it -- he told me he feels like he's having sex with some other woman when he looks at my back and sees it there (thinking this may play into the recent dry spell...).


john said...

Lovely tattoo. You won't regret.

Robin said...

Hi john,
Thank you. So far, no regrets. All the kids have seen it and don't seem bothered by it.
Ask me again when I'm 80 :D
May even get another one...

john said...

Hi Robin. You showed us the tattoo, told about baring your bottom and about the whisperings of your soul. Wonder if you would feel comfortable to show us the mirror of your sole...